A What The Heck Is It… and Something to sell on eBay: Wood Hangers

If you saw this, would you know what it was?


How about if I gave you a better look?

 I’m about 99% sure I’d have no idea what this thing was. 

But the eBay seller 1coolshop certainly knew it was a “Fur Trade Silver – 10 Ear Bobs on a Hanger”  Check it out HERE   

While I was researching hangers… (because I saw that a local auction had a bazillion of them up for sale soon) I found the auction above and these below. 


Huge lot of 46 Vintage Advertising Wood Wooden Coat Clothes Hangers SOLD 400.00 by eBay Seller dickiedoo14001 Check it out HERE 



Lot of 42 Vintage Wood Wooden Advertising Clothes Hangers + Old Neck Tie Hanger SOLD 122.00 by eBay Seller Madonline11 Check it out HERE 

I wonder what was so special about the first lot that had 46 hangers and sold for 400.00 and the second lot that had 42 hangers and only sold for 122.00?