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American Girl Store Opening Overland Park Kansas

Last week was #3’s birthday.  I’ve never been one of those “birthday party” parents.  I just don’t have confidence in my party throwing abilities.  #3 loves anything that has to do with American Girl Dolls, so it was very lucky they decided to have their grand opening on her birthday weekend.

american girl store, Kansas City, Overland park,

#3 and her Doll in front of the Grand Opening Sign.

We arrived at Oak Park Mall at 9:15 on Sunday.  I knew the first 200 people in line received a goody bag.  I hoped by arriving 3 hours before it opened would insure we got that bag!  We were given ticket numbers 91-94 which meant we were one of the first 200!  Now all we had to do is wait.. and take some photos.

Here’s #3 and two of her good friends with their American Girl Dolls.

This photo was taken around 9:30.. The first 200 hadn’t

been reached yet.

Here’s that same photo at 9:45..

Here’s what happened when you got there after 10:00.. you became

one of the first 400.  By the time it was 11:00 (when the store opened)

there were 800 people waiting behind us!

As we moved from inside the mall to outside the mall.. into

the American Girl Store.. you could see there was a large

police presence.   (Yes that’s a real gun on that policeman)..

As we were waiting to go inside this little boy walked by and

said; “They have policeman here? What are these girls gonna


I loved this light in the entryway to the store.

#3 Checking out the cool stuff.

She loved Lanie’s Camper.

Everyone with us wanted this blue dress.

Did you know you could get your doll’s hair fixed?

Just in case you wondered.. there were lots of these guys there too.

It’s not a shock to me that #3 bought this set.

I think she’s pretty excited. Happy Birthday #3.. I’m glad the American Girl Store had their Grand Opening on your birthday 🙂

Happy Birthday Pookie Poo!

Here’s #3 when she was a just a little baby.. (that’s #1 and #2 there also)..

Today is her birthday.  It makes me sad to realize she’s growing up.

I wish she were still a baby.  She was the most perfect baby!  She

hardly ever fussed or cried.  She was always laughing and trying

to get #2’s attention.

I love this photo of her!  She adored the Teltubbies. I love her chubby little

cheeks and her big brown eyes!  She was so chubby I had to wipe the

rolls under her neck.  OOH I loved to kiss those little cheekies!

Here she is a her first dance recital. She ended

up dancing by herself.. because everyone else was

sick with the flu!

#3 and #4 playing with kittens.

She was in a play at church.. I think she looks so

grown up here.  (If you like vintage.. she’s in a vintage

wool secretary dress.)

Can you spot our kitten Two-Toes McGee? #3 is a real

animal lover.. I think if the Man would get her a horse

she just might be in heaven.

Happy Birthday #3.. We love you so very much!  Our

family would not be the same without you!

June 2021
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