Happy Birthday #3

This girl turns 22 today.  That seems so amazing to me. How can she be 22?  How do I not remember every second from the last 22 years?  She was super mad at me in this pic. I wouldn’t buy her a Webkins… I think this might be the only time she was mad at me 😉  We love you sweet girl.  Happy Birthday!





Thursday’s Plans 7-9-2020 Birthday Edition

  • One time Orders
  • Get slippers written up
  • Call Managed Payments team..  I did this.. still not happy with the answers
  • Dinner= Something out.. because it’s my Birthday
  • Post Office
  • Set up PayPal for #5  (place call into PayPal) This kid.. does not have his stuff ready.
  • Send offers
  • List on eBay/Amazon for Consulting Job
  • water plants (remind #6)
  • Meeting @1:00
  • Make Dr’s appt.

Happy Birthday #6

#6 was born seven or eight weeks early.  The doctor blamed it on my “advanced maternal age”.  We were told that he might not grow and fail to thrive because of it.  I like to take photos every once in awhile just to see if he is growing.


Here is #4 and #6 the day he came home from the hospital.


At 1 year old


At 2 years old


Here is #4 at 13 and #6 at 6 years old


#5 and #6


#5 and #6 at 1 year


At 2 years old.


Here is #5 at 11 years and #6 at 6 years.


This is #5 and #4  The first time they saw #6 at the hospital.  Look how proud they were!