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Popular Halloween Costumes on eBay

Wondering what the top selling Halloween Costumes are on eBay for the first week of October? (me too)  I'm always surprised at the lack popular "girl" costumes.  The top selling costumes currently seem to be traditional male costumes… not that a female couldn't wear them.


Professional Iron man Full Costume Fiberglass Halloween Avengers Mark VI SOLD $2799.00 by eBay Seller i_sell_disney_tickets Check it out HERE


Movie Prop Chronicles of Riddick Necromonger Captain Officer Halloween Costume SOLD $2500.00 by eBay Seller  legxfre Check it out HERE

h14costume3This thing scares the poo out of me.. and it's only a picture!

Halloween Stalkaround Costume Puppet Prop for Haunted House SOLD $900.00 by eBay Seller hallowseve  Check it out HERE 

h14costume4I had to Google what this costume was from.. because at first I thought he was a sexy pirate.. 😉

New Assassin Armour Honors Creed G/Leather Halloween Costume SOLD 650.00 by eBay Seller  jogagne1  Check it out HERE

h14costume5For your favorite raver

Only Hellraiser mau5 Head Led NoCheap El Wire Halloween Deadmau5 Rave SOLD $580.00 by eBay Seller rednismo Check it out HERE

h14costume6I was completely shocked that this one did not sell for more money.  It's a pretty cool costume don't you think?

Halloween Beetlejuice Costume Carousel & Hammer Hands Tim Burton SOLD 400.00 by eBay Seller humantreerobot  Check it out HERE

A Scary but FUN! Night… at Jack’s Hollow..

My good friend Tammy has a fabulous party every year.  (I've written about Tammy before.. HERE HERE and HERE ) This year I didn't get go, because of a little kid I like to call #6.  He's not really outdoor party friendly..  🙁  These photos are brought to you by The Man.

jack's hollow, halloween, party

Entrance to the party.

This is a new feature this year.. It's a bunch of campers… camping..

This thing crawls down and grabs on of the campers…

and takes it up the line with him.  (Note to self don't show my Girl Scouts this) 😉

The graveyard

#3 and a couple of her friends.

#5 with Jack

Jack and a few monkey's…

Zombie Cabin

Stay out of this Dr's office…

Hay ride!

I'll see you next year.. I promise…

as long as you keep that camper zombie thing away from me.

Jack’s Big Party…

Saturday was my good friend Tammy's annual Halloween party.. This is the second year for Jack. If you don't know who Jack is, he is a 20+ foot tall Jack-o-lantern that was handmade by Tammy and her family. As you can see Jack was back in full force this year.

I plan on blogging about Tammy's house this week.. but I couldn't help throw this photo in of the top of her silo. Pretty cute huh?

Gourds and pumpkins in a horse trough.

Here's Jack in the daylight..

Here are some photos from inside of her barn…

This is the table where kids paint pumpkins…

The Laboratory…

Indoor grave yard… (because there is an OUTDOOR one..:) )

More of the grave yard..

Along came a HUGE Spider…

#5 and the kid from Trick-r-Treat.

Outdoor grave yard….

I couldn't get a good picture of this.. but this is a door with a window that really is a TV screen… This crazy girl sees you looking in the window.. and she comes after you with an axe. If you can see where the arrows are.. that's the axe marks appearing to come through the door..

Here's #4 standing in front of the Zombie cabin.. I don't

think he's looked above his head yet..

I think he has found the zombie OUTSIDE of the cabin….

I really should have taken more photos inside the zombie cabin… this is only a small glimpse. You ca see the "window" that the people are looking out at.. that's a dude on the ground with a zombie bent over him… eating away (you know like zombies do). When the zombie looks up and see you in the cabin (through the window) he comes running at you… I won't ruin it for you.. but it's pretty cool. #4 even thought so..

#3 painting her pumpkin..

Here's #5 (his dumb mother put #2 above his head) and #4

getting ready to pain their pumpkins.

Here's an overview of the party…

She even has a little "screening room" set up where kids can watch Halloween cartoons. We had a great time this year! (as we do every year).. I forgot to take photos of the haunted hay ride…

Bye Jack! See you next year…

June 2021
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