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Resolutions… Or something


Resolutions: Work- eBay

  • Get inventory in order
  •  Take a few more risks
  • Get e-commerce store running smoother
  • Update my articles blog weekly (I write the article, why not post it?)
  • Get my basement cleaned up and organized better
  • Find a new product line
  • Blog daily


Resolutions: Work- Church

  • Sit down with Youth Advisers and get the 2013 Youth Calendar done
  • Clean the youth room
  • organized the craft closet
  • Get tables bolted down
  • Mission Trip!
  • Call Joplin and figure out how they do their Community Outreach
  • Make youth group time special and rewarding
  • Be a better example
  • update the Youth page on our church website


Resolutions: Home/Family

  • Get all the photos backed up
  • Organize my children's bedrooms
  • Shower curtain upstairs
  • shelves in upstairs bathroom
  • exercise 5 days a week
  • Grade papers daily
  • Prioritize my schedule do not let other people do it for me.
  • Find time to read

Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 12: Stairs

Today's Pinterest Photo Challenge is stairs….  I have quite a few stairs in my house.  I experience stairs everyday, but the stairs that vex me are these.  The stone stairs to my house.  I saw every year that I am going to fix them, make them look better… but I don't.  Maybe this year is my year to do it.


Where’s a Good Dog When You Need One?

Porky looking cute… but needing a manicure..

I took some photos last week of my dog Porky. I thought they were kind of funny.. and I was going to write this blog about him being "Dogzilla".. smashing childrens toys..

He was laying on a the black Power Ranger.. and the way the Power Ranger was positioned it just struck me funny.. I took these photos on Monday… meaning to blog about them, but didn't find the time.

Wednesday we took Porky to the vet because he was throwing up. The vet gave him medication and thought he had a viral infection. We brought him home and he seemed OK.. a little tired but OK. Friday he bolted out the front door and hasn't come back.

He's never done this before.. It's been 5 days and we really miss our dog. Some people thought he might be looking for a girlfriend.. (it is spring you know). We are hoping and praying his wrinkled red face will show back up to our door.

The Start of a Garden

eBay Queen, garden, purple garden

Last year my garden wasn’t quite as full as it is this year.

You should know I am not really a gardener.. #1 does all my planting

for me.   We have 40 acres here.. but we’ve started small.. and are just

trying to conquer around the humble abode.

My garden is done in pink, purple and reds (if you couldn’t tell.)


This is a honeysuckle plant I bought last year.. It

was really tiny.  I am amazed at how much it has grown.

When it’s open.. it’s so pretty.. (it’s not open yet)

August 2022
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