Seen and Heard at a Homeschool Conference…2012

Last week I spent sometime at the Midwest Parent Educators Homeschool Conference.  I love looking in the vendor area.. and always wish I had money to buy each and every book or program that would benefit my kids.

View of the vendor hall

Here's one of my kids favorite spots.. Miller Pad and Paper!

I went to the following conference sessions:

  • Raising a Mighty Man of God Kevin Swanson

This session was packed.  There were probably 200+ people in the room, and the speaker lost me when he said; "The problem with our society today is that 25-30 year old men are living in their parents basement.  Why are they living there?  They can't get a job, because their female counterparts have taken them."  AACCK..

  • Entrepreneurship: Seven Disciplines of Biblical Business Success Russ McGuire

This one was really for #2.  It was informative, and I think he learned a few things.

Justin, #3.5, some bird and #3.



  • Help! My Child Won't Sit Still!! Margaret Porch

This was a good one.  Took lots of notes.. after I took my ADHD meds.

#3.5 and #3 they couldn't get hooked up to the internet…

  • Strategies for the Struggling Reader Margaret Porch

This one was really good.  I think I'll be able to apply this stuff to one of my struggling readers.


You want to know something you usually only see at a homeschool conference?

Dad's with snugglies.

    Homeschool Conference 2009


    Today I went to the place that makes me crazy… Why would I go some place that makes me crazy?  

    Because of children like this.. that decorate Christmas cookies naked.  I have  other children.. that don’t decorate cookies naked, but I picked this one because well.. he looks like the rest of them and I think he’s pretty darn cute.

    I went to the Midwest Parent Educators Conference ALL the way up by the Kansas City Airport.  It was packed as usual, but this year it had one special person.. that has never come with me…

                                                                                                      It’s the Man!

    It was his first year coming to the conference with me. We looked at homeschool curriculum, chatted about books, education and all that good stuff.  I believe he was a little SHOCKED at the sticker price of the curriculum there. It’s not that he’s never bought a book for the kids.. it’s that we’ve never talked about the books or the curriculum like we did today. He’s never seen first hand the mother’s in their uniforms (jean jumpers) or the fabulous Johnson County Mother’s that look like they just stepped out of a spa.. and had a day with the best Hollywood stylist.  (think seven jeans, little graphic t-shirts and wedge heel sandals)

                                                    Leave it to me to take a photo that does not represent my issues…


    I have some serious insecurities when I go to this conference.  The first  two years I went I was good!  It’s only been the last 3 years or so that I feel like a complete doofus sitting in the presentations, walking around the vendor hall. I mean.. I know that I’m a good homeschooling mom.. but COULD I BE BETTER?  YES!!!   (editor note.. I’ve been homeschooling since 1998)

    I think going there reminds me I am not as good as I should be.

    Take the booth with all of the fabulous history novels… there are kids SWARMING this booth.. where do you think the 2 kids I brought with me were? Sitting in the cafe with their laptops playing a game (and not an educational one either).

    And then there is the presentations that don’t just talk about being a good teacher.. they bring the dreaded "W" word into the picture.. you know


    .  The man says "I’m the best wife he’s ever had."  But if he would have listened to some of these other presentations, he just might have said something different.  I mean really….  iron the sheets and his underwear? Greet him at the door with a kiss and a smile?  Do little things to let him know he’s THE MAN?!?!  You mean I don’t?



    Really not a good photo to show my issues…

    So if you’ve read this far.. and you homeschool.. let me know what your  homeschool conference experiences are.. and what kind of curruiculm do you use?