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The One about My Day..

1:15 am: Woke up with hacking cough.. Then said cough woke up #6. But neither the cough or the baby woke up The Man.

1:22 am: Got #6 back to sleep.. looked for remote..

1:28 am: Remembered that #4 hid the remote (that goes to the TV in my bedroom) from #5 and decide I'll go to sleep listening to the infomercial about some jeans I can sleep in or something.

Yes I have a TV in my bedroom.. don't tell my mother.

4:30 am: #6 wakes again

6:45 am: #2 comes in to tell me we need to leave.. 10 minutes ago if we are going to be first in line to get the good junk.

7:00 am: Leave and head out to the sale and errands I need to run. Wonder if I have enough time to get breakfast before the sale. (I don't)


 first in line

#2 very happy he's the first in line! That kids mom should cut his hair!

7:30 am: FIRST in LINE at Sale buy some junk to sell.
8:45 am Breakfast and Grocery Shopping

Entry way…

10:00 am  Unload the car.. realize that my entryway looks like a box company threw up in there.

10:00:15 am: Remember I have company staying over this weekend and allow my mind to race.. to try to figure out what to do to make my house look better than my entryway.

10:00:25 am: Remember that I am responsible for feeding the little kids at this weekend's "Art of Marriage" weekend at our church.

chicken noodles

Chicken and Noodle's

10:30 am: Make Chicken and Noodles (for tomorrows lunch). Cook sausage patties for tonight's "breakfast for dinner" for the kids at church.

11:00 am: Remember that I need to try to make my house look like company is coming over,  force children to clean.

11:00:25 am: Bribe children with Hostess products and Transformer Movie (that came out today on DVD) if they pick up.

11:01 am: While the children are picking I remember I bought some cute little sparkly doo-dad's to put in a glass jar I have.

sparkly green jar and balls

Wish I had more doo-dad's to fill this jar.

glitter skeleton

11:02 am: Realize that sparkly doo-dad's are not doo dad's.. but SKELETONS!  Nothing like a glitter skeleton to say "Welcome to our home.  Come in, relax! Don't worry we won't go all "Criminal Minds or Dexter on you!"

fall bounty

11:03 am:  Realize I could make a little "Fall Harvest" centerpiece on the island in the kitchen.  THAT says "Welcome" right?

donut display

11:07 am: #2 mocks my display of Fall, and #1 says: "What's with the Fall, we are CHRISTMAS people."  I take my grocery store donuts out of the box and display them on a cake plate..  Store bought DONUTS for breakfast are welcoming RIGHT?

11:08 am: I make sure the kids are still cleaning and then #6 starts making those "I'm hungry" noises.

baby.. content

#6 with a cookie. 

Sometimes when he wakes me up a couple a times a night, I think maybe I'll let the dog take care of him.  Then he looks at me and I think.. He so stink' cute, I'll give him a cookie to tide him over.

baby feeding dog, baby and his puppy

#6 giving his puppy the cookie.

Then the starving baby gives the cookie to the dog!

11:15 am: I sit down to write a few things up, and remember that I have not done school today.  Friday's are normally light days at our humble school.. but I haven't even thought about giving them a spelling test.. I haven't even walked up to the school room to see what I wrote down to do today. 

I resolve that we will do Friday's school on Sunday afternoon. (Dad will be here.. and no one will give me any grief when The Man is home. 🙂 Just one of the many things I love about him.

11:18 am: I ask #1 if she'll take a few pictures for me. Then I tell her to forget about it because she's wearing her TASKMASTER hat helmet and making all the other monkey's clean.

11:19 am: Facebook has called my name.

11:20 am: I've got to get a few things written up! 

11:39 am: Did I do any Follow Friday's on Twitter?

11:43 am: Write up some more junk.

12:01 pm: I need some iced tea.  I wonder if I can get a kid to make me some? I then realize if I ask a monkey to do it, I will stop their cleaning momentum.

hungry kid

12:02 pm: I go in the kitchen and see this kid. He informs me he is S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G, and it is WAY past his lunch time. "Can he have a Ho-Ho?" Once he says starving, the rest of the vultures (with their keen sense of hearing) decide they are hungry too.

12:03 pm: Ask #1 to make lunch and #3 to feed #6 so that I can get some of the junk written up.

12:04 pm: I check Facebook to see if anything cool has happened in the last 12 seconds.

12:05 pm: The Man calls.  I whine to him about how I've done nothing today. We have whitty banner about this weekend, and "did I get any good stuff at the sale."

definition of whitty: An awful attempt at commenting on something in order to sound clever.  (this my life in a nutshell)

12:09 pm: I realize I haven't written a blog today… and  here we are.

** No children were harmed in the making of this blog.. all children have been feed, including the dog.

** The entryway still looks the way it did at 10:00 am. My guests will now know how I really live.  If they give me any grief, facebook, tweet or blog about it.. I'll feed them to the glittery skeletons.

** Just Kidding

** Kinda


As you are reading this I'll be at the homeschool convention. If you've never been to one… you don't know what you are missing. There are tons of people… looking for the perfect book… and these people..

There are plenty-o-mothers in these bad boys. The denim jumper USE TO BE the staple in every homeschool mothers wardrobe.. then this Homeschooling mom came along…

This homeschooling mother.. not only looks good but she intimidates this mother..

(yes.. I know this is Eva Longoria, but she's just here for an example) All of these homeschooling mothers freak this mother out..

I use to go to these conventions with a bunch of other moms that were normal.. and then their children all grew up and graduated. So… now I'm left alone to fend for myself and try not to be intimidated by all the bread baking, 2 year old's already reading, nursing until their kids are 12, homeschooling mothers… that intimidate and freak me out. 🙂 Because well.. my kids aren't doing any reading when they are 2.. nursing until they are 12 .. and I don't bake my own bread… wish me luck..

Just in case you were wondering I'll be taking photos to share with you… They don't scare me that bad 😉

I Want This… Cleaning Up the School Room

I have a love hate relationship with my school room.  I love it because I have it.. and I’m grateful that I do.. but I don’t love it because it’s ALWAYS a mess.  When I designed the house we built I thought it would be cool to have a loft/school room.  I didn’t realize my children would play in there, and it would be the catch all for stuff upstairs. 🙁  BUT  I really can’t complain.  There are a lot of homeschooling mothers that do their school stuff at the kitchen table… which sometimes I find myself doing because I get angry at the school room…

Each year at the start of summer I start thinking about painting the school room and re-organizing it.  When I get the guts I’ll put some photos on of  what the school room looks like now.. but here’s some examples of what I wish it looked liked!

This from Pottery Barn.  You can see it HERE

I love the way it has a place for everything.. and it’s so clean and neat.. I don’t really NEED the whole thing.. but a few pieces would be nice.

Here’s what Pottery Barn says about it:

Clever and versatile, our modular Daily System is the ultimate home-office assistant. Now it’s available with our Smart Technology™, which integrates hand-held devices seamlessly into your daily life. To create a system that’s ideal for your space, click here to view our Daily System Tool.

  • Our modular Daily System allows you to create a customized system for supreme organization in any room.
  • Digital Frame with Corkboard & Cubby Features a 6-inch digital frame that copies photos, videos and MP3s directly from a memory card, digital camera or PC. Featuring 128MB of memory, it holds up to 1300 digital images. It has complete media support for JPEG, MPEG1, MPEG4, MP3 and AVI files, and accepts MMC, DV, MS and XD memory cards.
  • Each Daily System modular component slides onto a wall-mounted stainless-steel rod, so you can easily move or add each piece. Corkboard, letter bin and office organizer take the 12-inch rod; all other pieces take the 24-inch rod. The Top Display Rod is sold separately.
  • Catalog / Internet Only.

I like the way this looks, but it’s not really set up for homeschooling..

Soon.. I’ll post a few photos of my school room…

Tuesday’s To Do List..

Holy Smokes.. did you see Saturday Night Live?  Betty White killed!  She was so good.. and to have

some of the woman  that have left SNL on there was awesome!  I loved them!

1.  School the Monkeys

2. Write up eBay Stuff for myself

3.  Dance class.. #3 & #4

4. Return Library books

5. Write Article

6. Make to-do list for Youth Group’s work day on Wednesday

7. Write up eBay auctions for church

8.  order Girl Scout patches

9.  Transfer files via FTP

10. Sequins…

11. Dinner= Salisbury Steak, mashed potatoes, peas, biscuits

I actually got this other stuff done too: sent out email to cadets about summer scouts, sent email to the new 6th graders for youth group, made GS newsletter for May/June, Sat on hold with the insurance company to make some changes

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