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A Trip to Market Antiques in Ottawa, KS

 market antiques, ottawa, kansas

Monday for my birthday we did a little antiquing.  Most kids don't like to go to antique stores.. but mine love it!  (lucky I know)  Ottawa Kansas has LOTS of antique stores.  I wrote about this little antique store back in 2009 when they also served lunch and PIE

I love little beaded and sequined purses.  I would love to hear the stories that they could tell.

Hello old lace and a silver bag.. I love you…

Old glory, vintage flag print

This is one of my favorite prints.  I should have bought one.

keys, vintage keys, skeleton keys

Pile of keys!

block, news blocks

They had tons of these print blocks.  #3 and #3.5 love to dig through these!

metal box, red, filing cabinet

I love this little red filing cabinet.

rolling pins

Rolling pins

Ottawa Maid, Ottawa Kansas, Bread company

Middleton's Ottawa Maid Bread… I didn't know that there was a bakery in Ottawa.

locks, keys, key to my heart, old locks

You have the lock and key to my heart…

old desk

Do you love this old desk?  I do!

More cute little handbags

E coasters

I love these E coasters.. so delicate and cute 🙂

#4 said.. "Hey the Clown's actually in this one!"


old hankie

Pile of old hankies.

#5 wanted this horse..

Good lookin' kids don't you think?

A Glimpse of the American Royal

A couple of weeks ago The Man and I won tickets to the American Royal Rodeo. (Thank you KOFO 1220) The American Royal is a month long agricultural-FFA-animal show-BBQ-rodeo festival.

The Man and I waiting for the Rodeo to start..

Before the rodeo started we checked out some of the exhibits. I'm slightly

afraid of horses. The man here.. not so much. I was pretty sure this horse

was going to break down the pen and bite his hand off. As it turns out..

the horse was pretty nice.

PIG RACE! Check out the girls in the blue cowboy hats. They are really

into this race!

Ever see a pig swim? You should check out Swifty!

This cow would not stop MOO-ing.

What I really want to say is.. "That is nipple number 5, a good dairy

cow should have like 4. (one of my favorite lines from Napoleon Dynamite.

I liked these white cows.. but my friend Claire says that white

cows are dumb and I should only like Angus cows.

Cows aren't usually this clean and fluffly looking. This cow (along with

the others at the Royal) have been washed and blow dryed.

I think this is one of those Angus cows Claire was talking about.

The rodeo was great.. I always slightly freak out at the bareback

riding. They seem like they are thrown around a lot.

The bull fighters.. fighting a bull…

The Budweiser Clydesdales even made an apperance at the rodeo!

We had a great time.. Thanks so much to KOFO for giving us the tickets.

June 2021
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