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Oh Good Gravy… When Recycling Gets You In Trouble…

I sell stuff on several different venues.. eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and my own e-commerce site.  I received an email from an Etsy customer that horrified me and made me laugh at the same time.

XXXXXX sent you a conversation on October 25, 2012.

CUSTOM listing for XXXX


I hope your family problem improves. I saw the post that appeared on the inside of the paper you used as a mailing label. It sounds as if you and your former son-in-law are having difficulties. 🙁

I wasn't sure what this lady meant…

  1. I'm not having any "family" problems.
  2. I don't have a son-in-law, let alone a former one.
  3. What the heck is she talking about?

Then I realized…. we recycle our copy paper…. and use it for shipping labels. What could have possibly been on the back of the shipping label that would make my customer think I had a "son-in-law" problem? 

Then #1 reminded me we had printed screen shots of the stuff my stalker put on his Facebook page about me. I freaked out.. and then proceeded to go through all the screen shots, trying to figure out why my customer would think he was my son-in-law.  Here's what i came up with…

After reading this you might think I know this guy.. BUT I'VE NEVER MET HIM.. OR SPOKE TO HIM on the PHONE or IN PERSON..

I emailed the customer back, apologized and let them know what had happened.  Fortunately she wasn't offended by his foul language, horrendous spelling and bad grammar.  

From now on we'll be checking to see what we recycle onto the back of our shipping labels. 🙂

The One about My Day..

1:15 am: Woke up with hacking cough.. Then said cough woke up #6. But neither the cough or the baby woke up The Man.

1:22 am: Got #6 back to sleep.. looked for remote..

1:28 am: Remembered that #4 hid the remote (that goes to the TV in my bedroom) from #5 and decide I'll go to sleep listening to the infomercial about some jeans I can sleep in or something.

Yes I have a TV in my bedroom.. don't tell my mother.

4:30 am: #6 wakes again

6:45 am: #2 comes in to tell me we need to leave.. 10 minutes ago if we are going to be first in line to get the good junk.

7:00 am: Leave and head out to the sale and errands I need to run. Wonder if I have enough time to get breakfast before the sale. (I don't)


 first in line

#2 very happy he's the first in line! That kids mom should cut his hair!

7:30 am: FIRST in LINE at Sale buy some junk to sell.
8:45 am Breakfast and Grocery Shopping

Entry way…

10:00 am  Unload the car.. realize that my entryway looks like a box company threw up in there.

10:00:15 am: Remember I have company staying over this weekend and allow my mind to race.. to try to figure out what to do to make my house look better than my entryway.

10:00:25 am: Remember that I am responsible for feeding the little kids at this weekend's "Art of Marriage" weekend at our church.

chicken noodles

Chicken and Noodle's

10:30 am: Make Chicken and Noodles (for tomorrows lunch). Cook sausage patties for tonight's "breakfast for dinner" for the kids at church.

11:00 am: Remember that I need to try to make my house look like company is coming over,  force children to clean.

11:00:25 am: Bribe children with Hostess products and Transformer Movie (that came out today on DVD) if they pick up.

11:01 am: While the children are picking I remember I bought some cute little sparkly doo-dad's to put in a glass jar I have.

sparkly green jar and balls

Wish I had more doo-dad's to fill this jar.

glitter skeleton

11:02 am: Realize that sparkly doo-dad's are not doo dad's.. but SKELETONS!  Nothing like a glitter skeleton to say "Welcome to our home.  Come in, relax! Don't worry we won't go all "Criminal Minds or Dexter on you!"

fall bounty

11:03 am:  Realize I could make a little "Fall Harvest" centerpiece on the island in the kitchen.  THAT says "Welcome" right?

donut display

11:07 am: #2 mocks my display of Fall, and #1 says: "What's with the Fall, we are CHRISTMAS people."  I take my grocery store donuts out of the box and display them on a cake plate..  Store bought DONUTS for breakfast are welcoming RIGHT?

11:08 am: I make sure the kids are still cleaning and then #6 starts making those "I'm hungry" noises.

baby.. content

#6 with a cookie. 

Sometimes when he wakes me up a couple a times a night, I think maybe I'll let the dog take care of him.  Then he looks at me and I think.. He so stink' cute, I'll give him a cookie to tide him over.

baby feeding dog, baby and his puppy

#6 giving his puppy the cookie.

Then the starving baby gives the cookie to the dog!

11:15 am: I sit down to write a few things up, and remember that I have not done school today.  Friday's are normally light days at our humble school.. but I haven't even thought about giving them a spelling test.. I haven't even walked up to the school room to see what I wrote down to do today. 

I resolve that we will do Friday's school on Sunday afternoon. (Dad will be here.. and no one will give me any grief when The Man is home. 🙂 Just one of the many things I love about him.

11:18 am: I ask #1 if she'll take a few pictures for me. Then I tell her to forget about it because she's wearing her TASKMASTER hat helmet and making all the other monkey's clean.

11:19 am: Facebook has called my name.

11:20 am: I've got to get a few things written up! 

11:39 am: Did I do any Follow Friday's on Twitter?

11:43 am: Write up some more junk.

12:01 pm: I need some iced tea.  I wonder if I can get a kid to make me some? I then realize if I ask a monkey to do it, I will stop their cleaning momentum.

hungry kid

12:02 pm: I go in the kitchen and see this kid. He informs me he is S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G, and it is WAY past his lunch time. "Can he have a Ho-Ho?" Once he says starving, the rest of the vultures (with their keen sense of hearing) decide they are hungry too.

12:03 pm: Ask #1 to make lunch and #3 to feed #6 so that I can get some of the junk written up.

12:04 pm: I check Facebook to see if anything cool has happened in the last 12 seconds.

12:05 pm: The Man calls.  I whine to him about how I've done nothing today. We have whitty banner about this weekend, and "did I get any good stuff at the sale."

definition of whitty: An awful attempt at commenting on something in order to sound clever.  (this my life in a nutshell)

12:09 pm: I realize I haven't written a blog today… and  here we are.

** No children were harmed in the making of this blog.. all children have been feed, including the dog.

** The entryway still looks the way it did at 10:00 am. My guests will now know how I really live.  If they give me any grief, facebook, tweet or blog about it.. I'll feed them to the glittery skeletons.

** Just Kidding

** Kinda

I love Hostess.. You Love Hostess.. But Do You Know This?

Hostess, Ho Ho, fruit pies, I love hostess

While on my Mission trip to Joplin Missouri.. I got in a little bet with some kid.. (let's  just call him "The Doubter").  ANY WAY.. The Doubter told me that Hostess Ho Ho's come in packages of 2.

Clearly this is a rack of Ho Ho's.. and you can see the "3 cakes" right on the package.  I told "The Doubter" he must have these confused with Ding Dongs (above the Ho Ho's) that clearly come in packages of 2.

Then he tried to tell me that the Ho Hos come in a box in packages of two.  If you  look closely at the package.. they say "10 individually wrapped cakes".

I explained to The Doubter that perhaps he was confused with Little Debbie "Swiss Rolls".  He reassured me that he was not confused.  But check out that labeling… "Twin Wrapped".

Just in case  "The Doubter" doesn't believe me.. here's proof one more time.

"You fell victim to one of the classic blunders – The most famous of which is "never get involved in a land war in Asia" – but only slightly less well-known never make a bet with a chubby girl when HOSTESS is on the line!"  (name that movie)

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