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eBay Birthday Wish list

Since tomorrow is my birthday.  Here are the top 5 things I’d like on eBay for my birthday. (in no particular order)


Coach Hologram Derby Tote  I love this blue green color.  It’s being sold for an average of 185.00

Endless Pool  This 9×16 stationary swim pool is a the top of my wish list. (after I win the lottery)  Average eBay price for one of these 36,000.  BUT this one is a bargain for 20K.

John Johansen Tall Vase Needlepoint canvas.  This is selling for 199.99.  It’s really a bargain, and if you do no know about John Johansen’s work you should look him up.  He has some unusual needlepoints.

Mackinzie Childs Poppy Chair  Oh how I love this.   It is selling for $2700.00 or best offer. I love this brand, and poppies are my favorite flower.


Starbucks Alice & Olivia Tumbler  I have a little thing for Starbucks tumblers.  THIS tumbler I think looks a little like me.  The only problem is these were only sold in Korea, and are 49.99 + shipping.


To Do List.. July 9th Edition

happy birthday to me, 3 year old birthday

This is one of the only photos I have of myself when I was a kid.  This

was on my 3rd birthday.. I think I look a little like the monkey’s I gave

birth to don’t you?.. 🙂

Friday’s  To Do List

1.  Take #2 “go do some man work”.

2. Set up at Church for tomorrows work day

3.  Dinner= rib eyes, baked potatoes, creamed corn (homemade) and rolls

4. Make Brisket and cheese-y potatoes for Saturday’s work day

5. Do little research on tiling fireplaces and wood cabinet

6.  Watch Lost Season 5 DVD’s #3, #4, and #5

7.  Think about what it means to turn ANOTHER Year older…

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