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He’s A Super Model….

You may or may not know I live in Kansas, and if you are follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you will know HOW MUCH my family and I love Keim Bakery in Ottawa, Kansas.  Now we have proof…


The new Franklin County Visitors Guide came out last week and look who made the guide…


#6! Eating a Keim Bakery Cookie.


Here's a close up of the photo in the visitors guide.

AND… just so you know he's not just a cookie spokesperson for Keim bakery, he's also a customer… 😉


Here is #6 in his fire truck jammies hanging out at home eating a Keim Bakery cookie.



Photo a Day Challenge Day 9: Guilty Pleasure

keim bakery, guilty pleasure, cheeseburger

OH MY GOODNESS!  How I love these cheeseburgers.  If you are ever in Ottawa Kansas and can stop by Keim Bakery (on Main Street) they have some delicious food.  My favorite is the cheeseburger.. It's my guilty pleasure!

First Day of School Cookies

We have a local bakery in Ottawa that we love… and for the last couple of years I started buying the kids a first day of school cookie…

Keim bakery, ottawa, kansas, first day of school, cookies, apple cookies

Some cute cookies huh?

#5 loves his apple cookie

I'm not sure why #2 is making that face.

#4 and #3

#6 didn't wake up in time to get his picture with the group.. but he still likes a good cookie from Keim Bakery.

If you are ever in Ottawa Kansas.. stop by Keim Bakery… they have good cookies… and really good cheeseburgers.

Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 18: Drink

Today's Pinterest Photo Challenge is of a drink.  This is my favorite drink.

 Ice Tea.

This iced tea is from one of my favorite places.. Keim Bakery.  If you are ever in Ottawa Kansas.. you should stop by there.

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