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The President Comes to Kansas or Maybe to Dinner?

Something epic is arriving in Kansas… 

The President arriving at KCI..

President Obama will be less than 15 miles from our little compound..  but we won't get to see him..  I not the biggest Obama fan, but I am a HUGE fan of the United States! How off is a sitting president 15 miles from your house?

airforce one, marine one, president obama, osawatamie kansas, president visits Kansas

He's flying in Marine One to Osawatomie Kansas (population: 4665)

This is the Osawatomie High School I thought I would try to get a couple of the 400 tickets they were giving out for his speech, but there were about 400 people in line around 20 minutes after it was announced President Obama would be speaking. I thought this would be quite a "homeschool" experience to give my children.

#4 and #5 don't quite understand how far away 15 miles is.. but they seem to think that President Obama *could* land in our back field.  They've been talking for days about what would happen if he landed in our back field.

#4 is pretty sure he would come in and check out our Christmas decorations.  He thinks that the President would want to eat dinner with us. I asked him what he thinks I should make the President for dinner, he said; "your home made pizza."

#5 is pretty sure that The Man would be mad, and wouldn't want the President in our house.  (The Man is a Republican).  #5 thinks I should make lasagna, because that's his (#5's)  favorite snack!

It would be pretty cool if the President came to our back field, and if anything it would make great blog fodder. 🙂

(all photos credit Brian Foster except for my backyard.. that's all mine baby)

Happy Birthday P*Tricky!

Today is P*Tricky’s 25th birthday.  For those of you who do not know

who the infamous P*Tricky is.. he’s kind of going out with #1…

don’t believe me?  I have proof..

They look cute huh?

Here’s one of my favorite photos of him.. I like to call this Ginger with

a ginger.

Did you know he plays the organ?  He’s a pretty jammin’ organ player at that.

He also model’s eBay stuff. Love the glasses P*Tricky!

Here’s my favorite photo of him.. (and it just happens to be with yours truly…)

Happy Birthday P*Tricky… we’ll be having Lasagna soon!

Child Labor Laws and Home Business.. Should I be Concerned?

Have you ever wondered if you've ever broken the child labor laws for your state?  Sometimes I do.  You see I have quite a few children to break the laws with…

So let's play a game and figure out which one is not mine… Can you guess?


You guessed the Blue-eyed Ginger right?  He's not really a child, but he does ALL KINDS of things for me.. he entertains the monkeys, picks up inventory in far away places.. and loves my lasagna

We have this one.. She's not a child (in age..) 😉  I kid.. I kid.

She's wraps boxes and ships stuff out.  If you don't get your item..

You need to talk to her. (oh.. see that look she's giving the camera?

That's the same one she'll be giving me once she see's this blog post.)

This one.. he's a problem… he thinks he's the "Supervisor" of

the child above… and well the child below.  I like to call him my

pack mule.

(Just in case you were wondering.. the child in this photo has bows

the other one.. He's The Man.)  She looks so sweet.. but she's quite

a hondler, and I just taught her how to write some auctions up…

hopefully this will work out in my favor.

This one.. how can you make this one work?  He's so dang cute.

He just eats cookies and watches the others work.

I'm blogging about all of this child labor stuff because of this photo:

I had #4  hold up this Pottery Barn Blimp.. and  it looks like it's

killing him or something.. Don't tell the state of Kansas I mean Florida.


If you wondered… he made it through holding up wire blimps…

His thumbs are A-OK



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