How Do You Know a 3 Year Old Loves his Family?



 I've been taking Christmas pictures of my children since well.. I've had them. The other night #6 brought me an 8 year old Christmas photo and was VERY VERY sad.  You know sobbing with the lip out sad.



I asked him what was wrong, and he told me; "I'm not in this picture. Where am I mommy?"


I did the best I could explaining to a 3 year old where he was 8 years ago, and he demanded that I somehow put him in the picture. 


I asked him why he wanted to be in the picture, and you know what that sweet little muffin said?  "I just love my fambly (family) and I want to be with them."  That warms my heart. 🙂




Listening:  My children are talking about how they would spend the lottery money if we won…but you have to play to win… :/

 Loving: It's MAY and school is almost over. We will be doing reading and math will #4 and #5 all summer. It's kind of a bitter sweet because this is going to be #2's last year homeschooling.  He'll still be a senior next year… and taking mostly college classes. This is a GREAT thing.. but makes me a little sad.

 Thinking: This coming Sunday is graduation at the local high school which also means it's Graduation Sunday at our church. (Why they do it on Mother's Day.. I have no idea) Since I'm the youth leader at my church I get the honor of celebrating the Seniors at my church. We honor them by parading them in front of the church 🙂 and then having a lunch after church before graduation.. so their parents don't have to worry about cooking a meal between church and graduation.

Wanting: To take a nap.

Needing: To get my lists done for everything I need to do this coming weekend.. I need a grocery list, miscellaneous list of stuff to purchase or bring to church.

Stalking: The Adopt Shoppe on Facebook.  I love love love her stuff!

Something to Sell on eBay: Cake Plates

In honor of eBay’s 15th birthday I decided to check out cake plates..

This is pink depression glass.. the way the seller took the photo

you can’t tell the color of it!.

MacBeth-Evans Dogwood Rare 11” Pink Cake Plate Sold $1,200.00 by eBay Seller goodwitchgb.  Check it out HERE

We had one of these in PLASTIC at the rummage sale..

Rare Wedgwood Covered Cake Plate Jasperware Royal Blue $264.00 by eBay Seller chloeann  Check it out HERE.

Masons Mandalay-Chartreuse Dome Covered Cake Plate. $167.89  Sold by eBay Seller squarebiz99 Check it out HERE

How cute is this?

Glitterville Halloween Spider Cake Plate Set of 2 Sold $136.00 by eBay Seller Kountrycollector Check it out HERE.

I had one of these a few years ago.. bought at an auction

in Raytown, MO… strange day that was.

Fostoria American Square Pedestal Cake Plate w/Salver $135.00 by eBay Seller kboy2765  Check it out HERE

Window Shopping for eBay or How much do I love my Mother-in-Law’s home?

We went to one of my favorite houses.. today, my mother-in-laws.  She has the perfect blend of new and old in her house, and every time I go.. it’s different.  Here’s some highlights from her house. 

                                         See these Cow pitchers?  I love them.. See the green majolica?  Love them too!

                                                              Don’t you love these Chocolate rooster molds?


There’s so much more that I love about my mother in law’s  house.. (and her too).   I didn’t want to take too many photos of her stuff.. I was a bit worried she would think I was scoping the place out.