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List: What I would Do.. If I had the Time/Money


  • Finish the basement
  • Buy a 15 passenger van and take the family on a driving adventure across the United States going to all the National Parks.
  • Organize my kitchen cabinets
  • Go to Torin Italy
  • Tile my bathroom
  • Finish my porch, sidewalk and walk way
  • Take my family to Disney World
  • Travel to Vancouver with The Man
  • Take my family to Estes Park
  • Take a needlepoint/Movie vacation
  • Own a needlepoint shop
  • Visit the Louve and the Musee d’Orsay in Paris.
  • Take the family to Washington DC in the Spring See the Cherry Blossoms and all the museums.
  • Spend quality time with my friend
  • Visit the Met

Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 28: Money

Today's Pinterest Photo Challenge is of money.

Each morning I take #4 to speech and #5 comes along so that he and I can do school together.   Sometime during our wait he has to go to the bathroom.  Almost everyday he asks if he can buy a milk from the lunch lady. I always say the same thing.  "I don't have any money with me. Remind me tomorrow." Today was no different.  Except he came back with 3 of these in his arms.

milk money.

I asked where he got them,and he said: "the lunch lady gave them to me!"

"How much are they? We will have to pay for those." I asked.

"No she said I could have them.  I told her 'we didn't have any money and that my brother, mother and I were really thirsty!' so she gave them to me."

I immediately went out to the car and got the money for the milk.  The lunch lady thought he was so cute and funny.


May 2021
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