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Something That Sells on eBay: Vintage Swimsuits

vtgswim1There were several Chanel swimsuits that had sold for a good price… so if you see one.. grab it and list it!

Chanel Vintage Black Gold CC Button Detail Low Back One Piece Swimsuit SOLD $985.00 by eBay Seller loveforcoco Check it out HERE

 vtgswim2A Lame’ swimsuit? Let’s blind the boys at the pool in this hot number.

Original Tag Vintage 50’s 60’s De Weese Gold Lame Swimsuit & Jacket SOLD $499.00 by eBay Seller luckylynne Check it out HERE





Vintage 1930’s Kamehameha for Watumull’s Bathing Bikini Suit Set SOLD 325.00 by eBay Seller hilobaycollectibles Check it out HERE

 vtgswim4I know a girl that would like this suit…

Vintage 1940’s-1950’s Straplessw Black Cat Novelty Print Swimsuit SOLD 200.00 by eBay Seller artgirrl Check it out HERE:


Vtg 90’s Moschino One Piece Swimsuit Sz 6/40 Brown Geometric Mask Rare Sample SOLD 99.99 by eBay Seller guiltfreegilt Check it out HERE

 vtgswim6I REALLY wanted one of these swimsuits when I was in high school.  My mother would NOT let me buy one..  As an adult I get it.. you don’t want your teenage daughter walking around advertising beer.. But for some reason.. I think it was the Budweiser Swimsuit models.. I wanted one.

Vintage Budweiser High Bathing Swimsuit PlayBoy Beer EUC 80’s Rare One Piece SOLD 95.00 by eBay Seller Saymyname05 Check it out HERE

Seriously? Proof You can Find ANYTHING on eBay Teddy Bear Dress

I believe I have finally found something that freaked me out on eBay…

This dress.

Yes.. those are real Teddy Bears.. and they are sewn on the top of that dress.

Apparently this is a designer dress, and is “couture” (custom fitted).

The seller describes it as: MOSCHINO Couture Vintage dress Teddy Bears 6 RARE Opening bid? $2975.00  (That’s two thousand nine hundred and seventy five dollars). Check it out HERE. So if this was your dress… Where would you wear it?  I think I would wear it to Wal-mart so I could become famous on the site “People of Walmart“.

April 2021
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