A Ring for Every Child

Several years ago (when I only had 3 children).. my mother in law bought me a fabulous gift after I had #3.  It was a necklace with 3 gold rings representing my 3 children.  The Man bought me charms for #4 and #5 when they were born to add to my necklace.

Rings in order by their age: #1, #2, #3, #3.5, #4, #5,  and #6


I've been hounding him since #6 was born (Jan 2011) about a ring for #6. We looked and looked for a matching ring set for #6.. without much luck. 


Tonight after searching everywhere… he brought me home a ring for #6 and one for #3.5  Now I have 7 rings for my sweet muffins!  He's a pretty awesome father and the best husband a girl could ask for.


My mother in law is quite a gardener.  I have proof..

I think this is a Mandvilla..

How would you like to sit here and read a book?

Isn’t this cute?

I wrote a whole blog about this front door one time..

(I have issues..)

Here’s #4 hanging out on the front porch.. don’t you

love the fern? I think she feeds them something to make

them grow that large..

When I grow up.. I want to be a gardener just like her.. or

maybe I can get #1 to do it 😉

The Picture of Attitude

attitude, cat, the picture of a problem

This is Rusty.  He’s not my cat.  I guess you could call him my

brother-in-law.  Ok.. he’s my mother-in-law’s cat.  He’s pretty

cute huh?  I was over at her house Sunday, and as usual, I love

to watch this cat.

I don’t know if this gives you an idea of how big he is.. but he’s HUGE.

I called his name.. and he gave me this look.  You’ll notice he didn’t really

even look at me.  He’s too cool for me.  I did sneak him some chicken during

dinner.. and he doesn’t even have the courtesy to acknowledge me!

attitude, cat, the picture of a problem

When I reminded him about the chicken.. he gave me this look.

I think he’s giving me the stink eye!  Whatever Rusty… I know

you like me.. even if you don’t act like it.

A look inside Ward & June Cleavers House 2009

My mother-in-law not only has cute, hunk-a-hunk o’ burnin’ love children (see The Man below)

But she also has incredible style. We were at her house this last weekend, and being the freak show I am.. I snapped a couple of photos. You see my mother-in-law has fabulous style. I love to go to her house and see what she’s added moved or changed. I’ve blogged about her house HERE and HERE before.

When I first met her, she had cows. She’s has put 90% of her cows in decorating time out, and only has a few up right now. I’m going to showcase those today.

I think this cow is so cool. I collect pigs.. and I would love to have him in pig form.

Do you remember Elsie and Elmer the spokes cows for Borden milk?

They used to have all kinds of Elise and Elmer items. I wonder if those are in decorating time out,

or if they didn’t make it through the Great Auction of 2007. My mother in law is like that. She will collect things

then just say, “It’s time to get rid of it” and sell it. (this is a skill I do not have)

See the cows on the brown transferware plate?

That guy doesn’t look anything like my father in law…

This doesn’t much look like my mother n law.. but a nice old print just the same.