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A Few Mother’s Day Wishes…

Around this same time every year I get asked what I want for Mothers Day.  I usually say the same thing… plants..

coach poppy purse, purple tote bag, mothers day

While looking for Poppy Stuff I found this purse.  I’ve never had a purple

purse before.. and I love the patent leather.

1. New Coach Poppy Leather Tote Purse Amethyst  eBay Seller: kelsresale  Check it out HERE

I collect Adams Caylx Ware in the “Metz” pattern.

I don’t have this tureen..

2.  Adams Calyx ware Metz Tureen and Ladle eBay Seller mam4605  Check it out HERE.

I really need these pink Wii controllers..

3.  Remote & Nunchuck Controller Set Wii Pink eBay Seller vs-passion  Check it out HERE

Oh.. good gravy.. I love love love these shoes…

4.  Coach Poppy Cammie White Thong Wedge Sandals Size 6 eBay Seller chell-e  Check it out HERE.

Who doesn’t need some Gold  FitFlops?  I know I need some!

5. Fitflop Electra Thong Sandal Gold 6 eBay Seller Shandyholly  Check it out HERE.

Mothers Day Saturday Gardening with the Family

My Mothers Day weekend started out with a trip to Enright Gardens and Sandcreek Nursery We loaded up the car and headed out.

Because my children have figured out that I am going to blog about them, they have become a bit surly when I tell them I want to take their photo.  (note #1 and #3 aren’t doing it.. just the boys). I also love how #1 is sucking up in her “employee of the month” t-shirt.

Enright Gardens.. fabulous!

#2’s finger being eaten by a snapdragon

Their Baskets are BEAUTIFUL!

I love old rusty metal things to put in my garden.

#4 feels we need a cart for our purchases

Yes.. I randomly accost The Man and kiss him my children think this is a combination of gross and funny. I’m not sure what The Man thinks about it.

I forgot to take a photo of my loot from Enrights.. But I promise.. I got some FABULOUS stuff.. I’ll take photos of it when I get it planted.

From here we moved to Sandcreek nusery.  I lost my my mojo to take photos at Sandcreek.. but my kids came through…

Here’s #5 he thought I needed some yellow mums for Mother’s Day.

The Man explaining to his children to get out of the rocks.. don’t you love the man’s socks? That’s all him baby.

#1 and #3 thought I needed this rose bush.  This photo doesn’t do this rose bush justice.  This rose was about 6 inches across.

#2 and his mother.. he’s never embarrassed to hold his mother’s hand

See the bumble bee?

A Mother’s Day Obsession… I mean Memory..

When I was a child my parents had these dishes.  I remember setting the table at all the major holidays, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  But we never used these dishes on Mothers Day.  Why?

Well, they aren’t dishwasher safe… See that little gold-tan rim? That will come off in the dishwasher (or so my mother told me), and my mother didn’t want to wash the dishes on her special day!

These are Adams Caylx Ware and are in the Metz pattern. My mother says these dishes came from her aunt and uncle; Art and Nell Weaver.  If you are from Lawrence Kansas, you’ll know them from Weavers Department store… if not, you’ll just think of them as a sweet old couple that loved my mother.  My father says he brought them back from a trip to Japan while he was in the Navy.  I tend to believe my mother.

So.. back to the story.. I really, really wanted these dishes. I grew to love them, because I had wrapped these dishes each time we moved.  I hand washed them so many times, and lovingly set them back in the china cabinet. I was sure my mother would let me have them. She hadn’t used them since I was 13..  so surely she’ll let me have them. She didn’t.

These dishes aren’t the most attractive set to me.  They are not what I would pick if I were to go pick out a set of china today.  But because they hold such a wonderful memory of the special dinners we ate when I was a child… I needed to own this set.

My mother refused to give them to me.. or let me buy them.  So I bought them all on eBay.

I’m not trying to brag.. but I have a place setting for 12, includng the cream soup bowls, and egg cups.  Ok.. maybe I’m trying to rub it in a little..  I also have 4 platters, a huge rare salad bowl, covered dish and cake plate.. but who’s counting.

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