Needlepoint Challenge 20 in 2020 #7

Here is #7 of my 20 needlepoint is 2020.  This is Joan Crawford.. you know Mommy Dearest?  I think I will make this into a paperweight OR applique it on something.  The canvas is by Crude Canvas. You can buy their stuff HERE


I asked on Instagram and Facebook which canvas should be #8.  They picked the Kansas City Chiefs heart.  You can buy that HERE.

Needlepoint 20 in 20 #20in20: My 3 out of 20

There is a hashtag going around the web called #20in20.  Th is is for crazy needlepointers that think they can finish 20 needlepoints in this year.  I have joined that crazy group.  I have one HUGE project that I started in November of 2019.

Here is the first picture I took of the Elizabeth Turner Queen Bee needlepoint.

Here is what it looks like today.  I doubt I will finish this in 2020.  But I’ll try.


Here are the 3 I have finished.

Coke Sign for #4

Poppy Scissor Holder


Red Pineapple Ornament from Hawaii