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Memorial Day… To Do’s

memorial day, post card, vintage

Monday’s To Do List:

1.  Write up a few things.

2. update blogs

3. Clean Basement

4. Change Netflix Q

5. Relax and watch a movie or two

6. Dinner= Louisiana Chicken  Check it out HERE

7. check on photos.. (I’m moving my hosting)

8. Make WordPress Template for eBay Customer

9. Work on confirmation curriculum

10. Send out YG plans for June

11. Write Article.

Monday’s To Do list.. You know it has to be exciting..

1. School the Monkey’s

2.  Dinner= Baked Chicken.. mashed potatoes, peas and rolls I made a new recipe.. I made up as I went… it’s Baked Honey Mustard Chicken with Cranberry Almond stuffing.  Pretty flipping good 🙂

3. Write article

4. Clean.. Clean.. Clean

5. Write eBay charity items up

6. Write up a few eBay items for myself

7. Buy bottled water for the #4’s sea monkeys

8.  Go to the Bank

9. Transfer files via FTP for the child…

10. Find a time to eat lunch with my Mon Ami

11. Order Girl Scout patches

12. Change my Netflix Que

13. fix photos

It’s Gotta Be Done.. To Do List Tuesday Feb 9th

Don’t want to blog about your To Do list?  How about writing on your hand?

You could be like Sara Palin 🙂

  1. School the Monkey’s
  2. Write up 10 eBay things
  3. Plan Girl Scout Valentine’s Party
  4. Plans for YG.
  5. Write Article
  6. Finish Mission Fish Stuff I’ve done as much as I can do.. waiting on others now.
  7. Blog..Blog..Blog
  8. Find missing  Netflix..
  9. GET WARM!  (It’s cold here in Kansas)
  10. Dinner = Grilled Kielbasa, Scalloped potatoes, green beans unless I have a meeting.. then it’s left overs
  11. Take #4 to dance.
  12. Clean.. Clean… Clean..
  13. Start planning the GS Camp Out
  14. Wii Fit 30 minutes
  15. Make Power Point.
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