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Resolutions… Or something


Resolutions: Work- eBay

  • Get inventory in order
  •  Take a few more risks
  • Get e-commerce store running smoother
  • Update my articles blog weekly (I write the article, why not post it?)
  • Get my basement cleaned up and organized better
  • Find a new product line
  • Blog daily


Resolutions: Work- Church

  • Sit down with Youth Advisers and get the 2013 Youth Calendar done
  • Clean the youth room
  • organized the craft closet
  • Get tables bolted down
  • Mission Trip!
  • Call Joplin and figure out how they do their Community Outreach
  • Make youth group time special and rewarding
  • Be a better example
  • update the Youth page on our church website


Resolutions: Home/Family

  • Get all the photos backed up
  • Organize my children's bedrooms
  • Shower curtain upstairs
  • shelves in upstairs bathroom
  • exercise 5 days a week
  • Grade papers daily
  • Prioritize my schedule do not let other people do it for me.
  • Find time to read

New Years Resolutions?



I think I make resolutions every year.  I keep some.. some I don't.  Here are the one's I think I'm making this year.

  • Exercise.. not to lose weight (but if I do it's a bonus) but to be able to run after #6 when I'm like 84 or something.
  • Make my e-commerce website a priority.
  • List more junk on Amazon… even if it takes me FOREVER.. (just do it)
  • Figure out if I really need 9 email addresses.
  • Go out with The Man at least twice a month
  • Take time to hang out with friends.
  • Plan more event things to do at Youth Group
  • Get the City Wide Youth Group Leader thing going
  • Clean and organize the closet's and dressers in my house
  • Get the kids rooms in order
  • Make my laundry room more pleasant
  • Take a vacation with the family
  • Have more get togethers at our house
  • Get a freakin' hair cut. I haven't had my hair cut since HERE (October of 2009)
  • Grade my papers the week they are done.. and put them in my grading program.
  • Spend more quality time with my children individually.

I know there are more.. but that's all I can think of right now.

So are your resolutions REAL? or Fake?

New Years is a weird time for me.  Everyone is making resolutions.. and I’m not.  I learned when I was 15 or 16 that I never kept them.   Every year I make a “fake” resolution list in my new Franklin Planner.  It’s fake because I write it down, but I don’t really practice any of it.


This years fake resolutions are:
1. Lose weight

2. Exercise daily on the Wii

3. Make a 30 day menu.. buy those groceries and STICK TO IT.

4. Learn to be a better record keeper. (Girl Scouts, Youth Group  and Homeschool)

5. Keep my house sparkling

6. Become a gardener.. you know the kind that grows vegetables?

7. Keep fresh fruits and vegetables in the house.

8. Spend more time with The Man

9. Stop doing every thing at the last minute.

10. Teach my boys how to cook and sew.

11. Read the Bible everyday.

12. Piano Lessons for the monkeys.

13. Find new sources of inventory BEFORE I have to.

14. Open a webstore.

15. Be a better listener.

So.. do you have any resolutions?  Are they REAL..?  How successful are you at keeping them?

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