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Something that Sells on eBay.. T-Shirts

I've been designing T-Shirts for the Mission Trip.. which made me wonder how T-Shirts sell on eBay?

Back of T-Shirt

Front of T-Shirt

The Beatles Vintage 70’s John Lennon Happy Christmas War is Over Promo T Shirt SOLD $920.00 by eBay Seller rocker1  Check it out HERE 

 Twilightlicious, My Little Pony Signed tshirt

Real spelling on t-shirt #Twilightlicious (the title was spelled wrong).. Plus it didn't have Tara Strong, MLP or My Little Pony in the title.

Tilightlicious T-shirt Sold $881.00 by eBay Seller tarastrong  Check it out HERE 


I wonder why this t-shirt sold this high?

Steve Prefontaine First 1st Annual Memorial Run 1980 Nike T Shirt XL Rare  SOLD $561.43 by eBay Seller mber2788 Check it out HERE 

Iron Maiden

Rare Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast World Tour USA 1982 Concert T Shirt Sold $475.95 by eBay Seller TD-treasures Check it out HERE

 nike tshirt, vintage, tshirts,

Rare Vintage Nike Block Pinwheel Tag Original T Shirt Tee 1970’s SOLD $450.00 by eBay Seller Max-Vintage  Check it out HERE 

Slow News Day…

A few weeks ago I was waiting for my kids to be done at dance.. chatting with a friend of mine and her husband. When I saw something I had never seen before.

Do you see anything weird in this photo? I know it looks like a dude reading the paper. Perhaps you think it's odd he has on a sweatshirt and shorts.. This is what I thought was weird..

The Nike Swoosh tattoo with the matching Nike Swoosh socks. To me this is funny.. and made me laugh.. I asked him why he had the swoosh on his leg and he just kept reading the paper. His wife laughed and said she didn't know why he had it either…

December 2021
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