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Something to Sell on eBay: Cologne

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Nine Flags.. I'll be watching for this stuff!

NIB Vintage Set of Nine Flags Shaving Cologne Never Opened  SOLD $999.00 by eBay Seller mweinger  Check it out HERE

I've never heard of Patou have you? (that rhymed 😉 )

Extremely Rare Unused Vintage Jean patou Pour Homme Cologne 3oz SOLD $510.00 by eBay Seller artefinojt  Check it out HERE 


Not only is this VIP (Very Important Person) but it's Special and Reserve too!

VIP Special Reserve for Men Giorgio of Beverly Hills Cologne 4 oz Spray SOLD $325.00 by eBay Seller colognes  Check it out HERE 


I've never heard of this stuff.. have you?

Borsalino Cologne For Men SOLD $280.00 by eBay Seller enetperfume Check it out HERE


I think my mom or my aunt wore this at one time.  I remember thinking "Charles of the Ritz" sounded so fancy!

Charles of the Ritz Eau de Toilette 4oz Splash Cologne for Women Sold $269.00 by eBay Seller Colognes.  Check it out HERE 

Here’s Something to Sell on eBay..

A few years ago I  bought this at a local charity thrift store.  I think I paid .25 cents for it.

It is Estee Lauder Private Collection Body Powder.  It sold (to someone in Dubi) for $179.00.

The economy has changed, and I wondered what scented body powder is selling for currently…

I found some of the same powder on eBay just sold for $59.99

Check it out HERE.

I used to wear this perfume.  I even had some of this body powder.

Anais Anais Perfume Body Powder Sold $140.00

Vintage Lou Lou Dusting Powder Sold 72.00

Vintage Chanel No 5 Dusting Powder Sold $52.00

The Man bought me Calvin Klein’s Euphoria a few years ago.  I would have never picked it out for myself… but I like it.  I wonder if they make body powder for it?  So here’s my question.. Do you use body powder?  and What kind of perfume do YOU wear?

April 2021
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