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What’s Going on Tuesday 6-19-2018

  • Summer School (math and spelling)
  • Write up as much as I can
  • Write up 10 items for catalog co
  • answer emails
  • Call Greg in Oklahoma
  • Grocery store
  • Buy paint for the dresser
  • Dinner= Steak tacos, cilantro rice, beans

I ARC’D my Well Planned Day Homeschool Planner

That sounds like I committed a crime.


Maybe I did… but I hope not.  I’ve been using the Well Planned Day Homeschool planner for years. I really love it. I had one problem with it, which doesn’t have anything to do with this planner.  Because it is what it is… a homeschool planner.  My problem is that I would keep things in my homeschool planner that didn’t need to be in it.  You know like miscellaneous papers from meeting I had at church, or notes I would jot dot that had nothing to do with school or my children.

I have always carried around a Franklin planner that I loved in the “compact” size, but after Franklin Covey closed their store in Kansas City… my love for them kinda just faded.  I’ve been planner-less for a few years now.  Well except for my Well Planned Day.

I did quite a bit of research on planners, and could not find anything that would plan my day as a homeschooler/eBay Queen/mother of 7/ Youth leader/ squander of time kind of person.  So I started following some planner obsessed people on Instagram and Pinterest.  There are some people that are so in love with planning and being crafty.. that they make Martha Stewart look like an amateur.

After doing my research I decided I needed a planner that was an A4 (Kikki or Filofax), Monarch (Franklin) or you know 8.5 x 11.  Because that’s what my Well Planned Day size is.  In my search for the perfect planner/binder I came across the ARC planner.

The ARC system is sold at Staples, and freaked me out a bit because it was not a 3 ring binder type system.  It’s a disc binder system.  The biggest draw back to me was that I had to buy a 46.00 hole punch.. and it only punches 8 pages at a time.

wpid-20151001_173410.jpgMy ARC

I purchased this purple leather binder and the lime green discs at staples.  The binder was only 34.99, and if you’ve ever purchase a Franklin leather binder you know how much they cost!  The discs come in different sizes, and colors.


To make this work, I gently tear a page off of the Well Planned Day spiral binder, and then cut off the excess spiral so that the page is straight.

wpid-20151001_173501.jpgThis is what the punched edge looks like on a regular piece of paper.

I hole punch them, and put them in the binder.


I normally do a month at a time for my homeschool planner.

DSC08205I really like that I can put all of my extra papers in here too!

DSC08206Normally these pages go in a three ring binder that I NEVER have with me when I need it. (We do a lot of school in unconventional places)

DSC08204I purchased the divider tabs at Staples, but you can “punch” cute file folders like they have a Target Dollar Spot. (see that green and gray striped thing? That’s a new divider tab I’m putting in).  I love that I now have my schedule, homeschool planner, extra pages, church and W.O.W stuff all in one spot.

It’s a Birthday Party for a Pookie

Today is my SWEET #3’s Birthday… We had a small party with her friends yesterday..

3 Cuties.. huh?

Why must boys try to look weird when they are standing with girls?

They swam.. and I’m pretty sure it was like -40 yesterday.. OK maybe 65 degrees.

They ate some cake.. and laughed.

Blowing out her (1st) cake of her Birthday..

Opening some super cool gifts.

Don’t you like how #4 and #5 seem to get in every photo?

Tissue paper can be used as a weapon at a Girls Birthday party…

How cute is this purse?

We had our family party tonight.. here’s some highlights..

#3 fancy’s herself as an artist so she received a super cool artist

backpack with all the art supplies.

We are pretty fancy with the wrapping paper.. and don’t you love the DVD’s on the floor behind her?

What we make up the whole “newspaper” wrapping paper thing with a

5 layer homemade Peanut Butter Chocolate cake (cake #2).

OH.. and remember that planner I loved.. Well I received it and it was perfect..

But not perfect for for keeping track of 4 homeschool kids and 25 subjects… So

I re-gifted it for my sweet #3

Is that a re-gift if I gave it too myself?

Scrapbooking Planner.. oooh I need this!

I want this… Student or Teacher Planner it is handmade by glyndar ( 647

I’m always looking for a good planner to help me keep my homeschool stuff in order. This one is so cute!

Isn’t this cute.. I love the colors and the crocheted flowers. She did such a good job with the details.

Here’s the inside. So cute!

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