Something’s Blooming

I'm not a gardener.  I wish I was. I try.. but I just don't like getting my hands dirty.  #1 and I have a deal.  I decide where things go, and buy the plants… and she does the gardening part.  Here are some of the fruits of years pasts labors. 🙂

Poppy, poppies, garden, english garden

My favorite flower… a poppy

Bee Balm,  with a poppy hiding behind it.. and some Salvia.


We transplanted 3 of these from the little house last year… they've taken over the garden from hell this year.


More Phlox

Poppies and Sweet Williams

pink tea roses

Baby Pink tea roses.

Red Climbing roses

Purple columbine

Are you a gardener?


My mother in law is quite a gardener.  I have proof..

I think this is a Mandvilla..

How would you like to sit here and read a book?

Isn’t this cute?

I wrote a whole blog about this front door one time..

(I have issues..)

Here’s #4 hanging out on the front porch.. don’t you

love the fern? I think she feeds them something to make

them grow that large..

When I grow up.. I want to be a gardener just like her.. or

maybe I can get #1 to do it 😉