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It’s the Simple Things..

WAY back in July the family went to The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.  We had a great time and met poetry artist Zach Houston. I blogged about it HERE.

The monkey's fell in love with that old technology.. The Typewriter. 

Monday night at the auction I found 2 working electric typewriters for only $6.00 for BOTH of them.

Here's #2's good friend and of course, #2.  Even they enjoy time with the typewriter.

The friend was typing draft letters… and if you know him, that is totally what he would do.  Any idea what #2 was typing?

HTML or "computer language"


to quote Weird Al in the song "White and Nerdy"

I got a business doing websites
When my friends need some code who do they call?
I do HTML for them all
Even made a homepage for my dog!

#4 loves it.  You've never seen a kid love a typewriter more than this one.  If I can stand the constant typing.. it will be the best $6.00 I ever spent

A Poem for You.. A Poem for Me..

Saturday was my birthday.. we decided to go the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art to celebrate. It seems weird to most people to take a bunch of kids to an art gallery huh?

I really went to the museum to see Claude Monet's water lilies. All three panels are together for the first time in 30 years. The exhibition reunites the right-hand panel, from the Nelson-Atkins collection, with panels owned by the Saint Louis Art Museum and the Cleveland Museum of Art. The three were last exhibited together in 1979. With the exception of a triptych in New York’s Museum of Modern Art, this is the only Monet triptych in the United States.

I really thought this would be the highlight of our day..

But it was really…

this guy.

zach houston, poemstore, poem store

Zach Houston was this really cool guy that would write for anyone who asks for a poem. My kids thought it was fascinating.

zach houston, poemstore, poem store

Some liked the poems with drawings…

#1… reading

Some liked his decorations…

Others wanted to read each and every poem there.

We waited in line to get a poem written for us…

(sorry it's blurry.. my camera is having issues)

When it's your turn he talks to you a little bit.. and he types his own little piece of art for you to read.

#4 and #5 thought a manual typewriter was AMAZING! They really want one.

Not our poem.. but a cool one..

Here's our poem:

eads bay

queen of


dealing with

online retail

auction on mom

and on the surface

of the internet there

are gatherings of people

and expansion pack

the little zach add on at the

last sleeping minute

detail beauty truth and

how to make the future

from a happy birthday

mom eads


If you have the opportunity to go to the Nelson to meet Zach.. You should.

I don't recommend wearing these shoes.. I was totally amazed that this lady was wearing these and her husband was wearing those… Ah what we do for beauty

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