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Where’s a Good Dog When You Need One?

Porky looking cute… but needing a manicure..

I took some photos last week of my dog Porky. I thought they were kind of funny.. and I was going to write this blog about him being "Dogzilla".. smashing childrens toys..

He was laying on a the black Power Ranger.. and the way the Power Ranger was positioned it just struck me funny.. I took these photos on Monday… meaning to blog about them, but didn't find the time.

Wednesday we took Porky to the vet because he was throwing up. The vet gave him medication and thought he had a viral infection. We brought him home and he seemed OK.. a little tired but OK. Friday he bolted out the front door and hasn't come back.

He's never done this before.. It's been 5 days and we really miss our dog. Some people thought he might be looking for a girlfriend.. (it is spring you know). We are hoping and praying his wrinkled red face will show back up to our door.

My Dog is an idiot.. and I am his Master

I need to tell you.. sometime last year I received a message through eBay about my dog. (Yes.. MY DOG) I’ve talked about Porky before. He’s a good dog, very protective of my children and our home…. but apparently he has a few secrets.

Here he is looking innocent..

So, the email (through eBay’s email system) was from my neighbor up the road. She was letting me know her dog was in a family way, and she felt my dog was the father. I was a little freaked out. We discussed our dogs, and I let her know that I wasn’t sure my dog (which is pretty tall) probably couldn’t get to her dog (which reminded me of a cross between a Welsh Corgi and a Labrador) pregnant. For those of you that don’t know what a Welsh Corgi is.. go here. She was pretty sure it was Porky, and not the other dogs that roam around the country out here.

After church today I saw the dogs on the way home. I’ll let you decided if they are Porky’s or not.

Porky is about about 5 to 6 inches taller than the tallest dog. But the shorter one looks

about the height of their mother.

So.. What do you think? Are these dogs part Dogue de Bordeaux AKA French Mastiff? If these are Porky’s puppies do I owe child support?

A Name by Any Other Wouldn’t Smell as Bad as Porky…

I could blog about any number of things.. Vacation Bible School Shopping, losing my earpiece, the up coming mission stay, my children doing something nuts…. The man and his undying devotion…

But since all I have blogged about lately is animals..

I will blog about my favorite animal.. our dog.. Porky.

I’m not sure what is going on in this photo.

EEWWW…. Porky looks like he has the mange on his neck or something..

I have NO idea what she is laughing about.. but it’s a cute picture don’t you think?

What the dog could look like if he didn’t have the mange… He really doesn’t have the mange.. he had a scrape.

There’s a New Sheriff in Town

There’s a new sheriff in town.. and she wears blue goggles..

She loves little kids…

And the kids love her…

But the ugly dog wanted his hat back… and now she’s a sheriff no more.

August 2021
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