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Good News… Bad News on the Garage Sale Front

poppy bookshelf

Good News… Primitive Hand Made Poppy Bookend/Shelf.

Bad News… Pouring Rain, Thunderstorms and Lighting.

I started out my morning at 8:15, went to the bank and 3 garage sale stops,

and the rain started. It wasn’t sprinkling, it was pouring down, get your clothes

soaking wet kind of rain.

My first stop was the best one.  I purchased this really beautiful quilt top.

The colors are blue, pink and a funny yellow.  The fabric looks and feels like

t-towels.  I love the pinwheel design.  But my favorite find was this:

The 2 oval ends flip up to make this a bookend/bookshelf.

This slides in and out to accommodate more or less  books.  The

poppies are carved and varnished.  They are really bright and

beautiful.   It is signed “From Ludington”.

One side says: “Old books to Read” and the other side says: “Old Friends to Trust.”

I don’t think I will be putting this on eBay.  This is going to go in my office.

The rain also allowed me to eat breakfast at Smokey’s.  They have this

hash brown platter that is so good.. it will slap your momma down!

This is has hash brown potatoes, 1 kind of meat (I chose ham) 2 vegetables

(I chose tomatoes and onions).. and either gravy or cheese on top.  I chose the

sausage gravy.  So good..

A look at the Past: Redwork Embroidered Quilt Top

When I first started selling on eBay I wanted to sell vintage quilts.

I love quilts.. especially older ones.  I like to think about all the history

behind each one of these creations.  (don’t you love the Legos behind the

quilt holders feet?)

Sometimes I wonder if the maker of this thought her redwork quilt would be sold

on the internet?  Liked she would even know what the internet was when this was made!

I bought this quilt top from a local estate auction for not much money.

I wasn’t sure I would actually sell it.  I love the red hand embroidery and all

the hand stitching.. but after I hadn’t done anything with it for a year or so..

I decided to sell it.  It sold for a little over 150.00.  If you want to sell a

quilt and are not sure of the pattern or the age of the quilt, email me!

I love to look at quilts, and know just enough about them to be dangerous!

April 2021
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