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Something to Sell on eBay: Martini Shakers

I’ve had some pretty good luck selling Martini shakers on eBay.  I am always looking for them at garage and estate sales.  Check out some of the more unusual ones on eBay.

This is a pretty cool set.. and the Napier name I think sells pretty well.

1. Vintage Napier Art Deco Cocktail Shaker Sold $430.00  Check it out HERE.

This Ruby Red shaker is pretty tall.  It reminds me of all the Ruby

Red glassware my grandmothers house.

2. Art Deco Ruby Red Cocktail Shaker Tall Sold 324.00  Check it out HERE.

The prices fro this zeppelin shaker are all over the board,

ranging from 400.00 to 99.00

3. Art Deco Machine Age Zeppelin Cocktail Shaker Sold 202.00  Check it out HERE.

4. Lighthouse Cocktail Shaker Sold 139.00  Check it out HERE.

5.  Heisey Rooster Cocktail Shaker Sold 135.00  Check it out HERE.

Chickens, Cows, & Sheeps OH MY!

We love to check the animals out at the fair. Here’s some of the one’s we saw this year.

This is a chicken… A very odd chicken.

This chicken’s feathers remind me of a leopard.. but in a chicken’s body.

How about these 2 beauties?

The perfect chicken.

Baby Cows..

This cow is getting vacuumed. I prefer to call it.. a blow dry.

I learned from this young man that the thing in left hand is a comb and the stick in his right, is well.. a stick.

The comb is for well.. combing.. and the stick is to help make the steer or heifer stand the way you want.

I never knew any of this..

One of the animals/people in this photo is named Jack. I’ll let you guess which one.

What is this?

My son swears it’s a sheep.. looks more like a poodle to me.

January 2022
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