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Rummage Sale!

Sacred Heart Catholic Church has a rummage sale twice a year.  We went to one in the spring and got a few good things… Here's what happened at this one.

We were first in line 🙂  Which usually means a good thing.. but sometimes there isn't a lot there.. so it doesn't matter where you are in line. 🙂

It appears these 3 got the memo to match today.

Curly Joe.. aka #6 did not get the matching clothing memo.

The line was getting long…

#5 was getting hot…

#3.5 sitting with some of our junk..

Overview of the sale.

Here we are with some of our stuff..

More of what I bought.. Not a lot of junk.. but a few things 🙂

For All the Clown Lovers.. or Not

We have this family friend P*Tricky. (you can read about him HERE.) He doesn’t like clowns.  No.. I’m serious. He really doesn’t like clowns.

scary clown quilt

While working at the rummage sale we found this lovely wall quilt.  We did not get it for him.. But someone thought we should..  I’m not saying who.. but they are smiling like the Cheshire Cat..

Thursday’s To Do List…

1. School with #4 and #5 (#2 and #3 will be doing a little spring cleaning)

2. Dinner: hot dogs on the grill, mac & cheese and baked beans

3. work on updating my store categories **on going**

4. Make Father Daughter Masquerade ball mask

5.  Monkey’s need a hair cut.

6. Research books I bought for re-sale.

7. Write up the eBay Junk.

8. Get school assignments ready for next week.

9. Fix church charity auction photos

10. List stuff for church

11. Go to rummage sale

12 Take #4 to dance

13. Blog.. Blog.. Blog..

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I went to a Church Rummage Sale and Found Bill Cosby…

Yesterday I went to Faith Lutheran Church’s Rummage Sale.  I found some pretty cool things.  Here’s what I’ll be working on today..

Anyone want a ginger in a Bill Cosby Sweater?

Some designer clothing, vintage perfume and placemats.

1980’s Jackson’s World Tour Jacket a weird poncho..more clothing.

Vintage Ties…

See that box with magazines?  It is full of 1960’s TV and Movie Star magazines…

I’ll be working on those too.  What are you going to do today?

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