Friday’s To Do’s

Friday’s  To Do List:

1. Get my receipts together and turn them into the church.

2.  Pick up sand for VBS

3.  Find all the stuff I need to take to the church for VBS

4. Dinner= Hot Dogs, Mac N Cheese, corn and cookies  (that’s for the monkeys..)

5.  Send earrings in to be fixed

6. Auction tomorrow.. and a little time with Tammy.

7. Bank

8. Mail stuff.

9. write up some eBay things.

Is it Really Friday?.. Because it Doesn’t Seem Like It…

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Note to my husband.. See TV is GOOD for me 🙂

Friday’s To Do List

1. Write up a few  eBay auctions.

2. Figure out what we are going to do about dance this coming school year.

3. Dinner= tamales with my friend Tammy and her family 🙂

4. Make breakfast for 10 children..

5. Pick Up #3 prize at the Library

6. Clean.. Clean .. Clean…

7. Run a couple of errands in the AM.

8. Stop and say Hi to Holly..

Thursday’s A Big Day to do.. a List

I WANT THIS… (just a little note to the 6 other people that live with me)

1. School the Monkey’s

2. Figure out what I need for 2010-2011 school year..  I’ve written down the ISBN’s.. I just need to look them up.. (this is partially done…)

3.  Write up eBay stuff (I still have those SUNGLASSES to finish)

4.  #3’s Solo Costume + Make Thing 1 and Thing 2’s Shirts *** This will take up most of my day **

5.  take #3 to dance.

6.  Run Errands

7.  Wii time..

8.  Dinner= Steak Sandwiches, french fries, salad Because of my exceptionally STUPID day.. We had frozen pizza.

9. Make #1’s skirt for something she’s doing on Saturday.