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Monday’s To Do..

6 layer Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting… (can you tell I am hungry?)

Monday's To Do..

  • Clean the house
  • #6's is getting his photos taken @10:30
  • Maybe go to this auction
  • School the monkeys
  • Write up eBay junk
  • Call pediatrician
  • Dinner= Louisanna Chicken
  • Work on logo for my friends website

Monday’s To Do List

It's getting to be that time of year… Auction time!

Tonight is the first auction at Strickers!

Monday's To Do…

  • School the Monkey's
  • Dinner= Leftovers…
  • Auction Tonight!
  • Pick up the house
  • Library Book Sale?
  • Call Rock Creek
  • Cancel Dr Appt
  • Call about insurance cards
  • Email to Youth Group

Tuesday’s To Do’s….

This sign represents my day as a homeschooling mother…

Tuesday To Do…

  • School the monkey's
  • Adult leader Girl Scout Meeting
  • Dinner= ham and beans, cornbread
  • finish writing thank you notes
  • write article
  • Mission Trip!
  • Perscriptions
  • Fill out paperwork for #1

Monday’s To Do…

Guess what time it is? We've been slackers for too long… and we'll be going to school until JULY at the rate we've been going. I know we have a good excuse.. bed rest and the hospital stay… new baby and all.. but really we've got to get on it! 🙂

Monday's To Do..

  • School the Monkey's
  • Go to Library Book Sale
  • CE meeting
  • Dinner = left overs
  • clean the house
  • Make Dr appointment
  • Call about #6's insurance card
  • Call Mission Trip people
  • Call in Perscriptions
  • Write Thank You Notes
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