Resolutions… Or something


Resolutions: Work- eBay

  • Get inventory in order
  •  Take a few more risks
  • Get e-commerce store running smoother
  • Update my articles blog weekly (I write the article, why not post it?)
  • Get my basement cleaned up and organized better
  • Find a new product line
  • Blog daily


Resolutions: Work- Church

  • Sit down with Youth Advisers and get the 2013 Youth Calendar done
  • Clean the youth room
  • organized the craft closet
  • Get tables bolted down
  • Mission Trip!
  • Call Joplin and figure out how they do their Community Outreach
  • Make youth group time special and rewarding
  • Be a better example
  • update the Youth page on our church website


Resolutions: Home/Family

  • Get all the photos backed up
  • Organize my children's bedrooms
  • Shower curtain upstairs
  • shelves in upstairs bathroom
  • exercise 5 days a week
  • Grade papers daily
  • Prioritize my schedule do not let other people do it for me.
  • Find time to read

First Day of School Cookies

We have a local bakery in Ottawa that we love… and for the last couple of years I started buying the kids a first day of school cookie…

Keim bakery, ottawa, kansas, first day of school, cookies, apple cookies

Some cute cookies huh?

#5 loves his apple cookie

I'm not sure why #2 is making that face.

#4 and #3

#6 didn't wake up in time to get his picture with the group.. but he still likes a good cookie from Keim Bakery.

If you are ever in Ottawa Kansas.. stop by Keim Bakery… they have good cookies… and really good cheeseburgers.

Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 6: 10:00 AM

Today's photo challenge is 10:00 AM  (ok really it was 10am yesterday.. but whatever)

At 10:00am today I walked into the house from taking #4 to speech…

This kid was in his bed fussing. 


I yelled for the rest of them to get ready for school, and asked #1 if she'd entertain him for awhile.


I got him situated, and put him on his sisters back so we could go do school..

This is how I found the rest of them.. do you think they were in the school room ready for school?

#4 was laying in the chair listening to his MP3 player.

#5 was laying on the floor watching TV.

#2  was sitting in the chair checking his email.

Some of you might realize that #3 and 3.5 are missing.  #3.5 is a school doing that whole public school thing.  #3 was being a good girl and getting ready for school. She's such a good girl. 🙂



Monday’s To Do…

GOOD GRAVY! That's a lot of people.. Do I really live with all of them? By the way.. #3 appears taller than me.. but she's not.. she has on heels and I don't…

Monday's To Do…

  • School the monkey's
  • Clean
  • Wii Fit
  • Write article
  • Get stuff ready for Thursday
  • Change Netflix Que
  • Work on Inventory
  • Work on School Room
  • Dinner= Grilled Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans & Rolls
  • Mission Trip
  • Find someone to make my board for Youth Sunday
  • Upload photos