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Happy Valentine’s Day.. or Valentine’s that Sell on eBay..


Sailor Valentine Seashell Picture Double Cased Early Victorian $1284.20  by eBay Seller hiijamonkey6  Check it out HERE 



Sculpture #296 Valentine Fairy OOAK by Faeries in the Attic FITA Polymer Clay $1250.00 by eBay Seller faerielady Check it out HERE:



St Valentine Day massacre Brick SOLD $1,100 by eBay Seller caiello835 Check it out HERE 


Rare Vintage Red Bakelite MacArthur’s Heart and Key Valentine Pin Sold $850.00 by eBay Seller AlohaHawaii Check it out HERE 


Vintage Red Olivetti Valentine Typewriter Mid Century Modern Refurbished w/ Ribbon By eBay Seller Typeitup  Check it out HERE

It’s Not Just Something You Eat.. It also Sells on eBay! Turkeys

This is a rare print, because this bad boy is selling for $1000 to $2000.00

Audubon Wild Turkey Birds of America Amsterdam Edition Folio SOLD $2660.00 by eBay Seller antiqueprint  Check it out HERE 


Here turkey.. turkey..

Neil D. (Gobbler) Cost Custom Match TURKEY Call Hand Signed SOLD $1650.00 by eBay Seller william9942 Check it out HERE 


Hey baby.. check out dinner.

Antique Bronze Sculpture Lady Baby & Large Turkey SOLD $1350.00 by eBay Seller beverlyhillsantiques Check it out HERE 


That's an expensive turkey platter!

Gorgeous Flow Blue Turkey Platter Ridgways 23” Circa 1900 SOLD $1075.00 by eBay Seller Collector1233727 Check it out HERE 


This is a little creepy!

Ocellated Turkey Taxidermy Bird SOLD $900.00  by eBay Seller niederer2006 Check it out HERE 

A Trip to the Nelson…

nelson atkins, shuttlecocks, large

Sunday we took a little trip to the Nelson Atkins Museum.

Here the monkey’s are standing by the huge birdies.

#4 loved this painting because he thought it looked like jelly fish.  Jelly

fish fascinate our family.

I’m not sure what #2 and The Man are looking at… but #4 is looking at

one of the Nelson’s guards.  He looks SO real.. but he’s not. Normally

wherever #4 is, #5 is also.. but he refused to be in photos..

See.. That’s the arm of The Man.. telling him to “Let your

mother take a picture.”

Here’s #5 in front of the painting he calls; “Give Peas a Chance.”

As soon as they get back to the farm..They are planning on making one of these

“mud-stick” horses themselves..

#4 loved the Impressionist the most.  This is a Monet.

#5 got over his fear of the camera long enough to do this.  He loves this sculpture.

He talked about this one.. and finding “The Thinker” all day!

#2 liked this painting of a boy and his father making wood

shoes.  Maybe it reminds him of  he and The Man working on

the fire alarm at church.

Holy Smokes.. there’s #3 where has she been all day?

The Man.. who is not crazy about art galleries.. said this was

his favorite painting.  I love that about him.

We had a great time…  and all the walking

Wore the monkeys out..

December 2021
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