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Sometimes on eBay You Get a Buyer That Makes You Crazy…


WAY BACK in February .. I sold a set of silverware. The silverware was brand new, and marked.  It came in the original plastic sleeves, that also included the name and maker. I sent it to the buyer, and the buyer SOLD it to Replacements.  Yesterday I received this message.


"Sorry so much time has passed. I'm sure you will understand. Like you , I buy& sell flatware. Received these & sent them to my customer of over 20 years, Replacements,Ltd. Looks like the flatware was in the wrong package , as it is actually called Aquatique Ice, not Hafnia as advertised. I seem to remember it being in a Hafnia wrapper. Unfortunately it's the wrong pattern & I am having it returned tome by Replacements. There's a $15 return & I need a refund from you , despite being past 14 days. Neither you nor I noticed the error…. Please let me know how you want to handle this. I'm not thrilled at having to spend$15 to get these back. It should take around 1 1/2 weeks or less. Will advise when I get them back . Please provide your address. Thanks"

I respond back to the buyer:

"I'm not sure what you are asking. Please let me know if I have this correct.
1. You purchased flatware from me.
2. I sent the flatware to you.
3. You sold the flatware to (that sells flatware)
4. They are saying it's not Yamazaki Hafnia.
Because of this you want to:
1. Return the flatware to me
2. have me pay a 15.00 return fee to replacements
3. wait for replacements to send the item back to you.

Is this correct? Did you receive what was pictured? I will be happy to accept the return, as long as the items are in the condition I sent them to you in, with the tags etc.

I'm so sorry this is not what you wanted."

The buyer responds back:

"Yes , that's about it . The receipt I will receive from them shows a deduction ( $15) for the return fee. I can show you a copy. The packaging should still be intact as I received it from you."

Then she responds again:

"Dear Suzie, When I receive the Yamazaki flatware back from Replacenents I 'll return it . It would be a nice gesture on your part if you could absorb the return fee. In the meantime , please let me know if you actually can obtain the Hafnia pieces for me. I 'll need your correct shipping address to facilitate the return "

I respond with this:

You left the following feedback for me: "As described/well packed/ thank you!" Why is it my responsibility to pay for your return when YOU sold it to someone else? Do you not think that seems odd?

I know that many people wouldn't accept the return since she's had the items over 30days.   I don't have a problem accepting the return, unless I'm not getting the *my* items back.  I just can't believe she expects me to pay for her return fee.  I had several photos of the item, and  a description of what the item was.. It's just kind of weird to me that this buyer thinks I'm responsible for her sale to another buyer!




June 2021
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