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A Second Look.. at a First Look..

I wrote about #4 and #5 seeing their little brother for the first time HERE I realized today that I only showed the photos from my side.. and not the photos from their side.. and I know you want to see both sides of the story.. right?

Here is #4 and #5 waiting at the window between the Hospital and the NICU. I told them it would be about 15 minutes before we were ready to bring #6 around… but they waited the whole time…

See.. they really did wait..

Then the most wonderful nurse ever… brought #6 around so they could see him. While we are on the subject of nurses.. I just loved this one. I think it might be her southern accent that made me feel comforted.. or maybe there was a little something about her that reminded me of my mother. Whatever the reason she deserves something special in my book.

Nice cowlick #5!

Here's what I saw from my side of the glass… some pretty happy boys.

I am a Xerox machine…

When I was a younger, I always wanted my kids to look alike. I thought it was cool when you could tell who a kid was because they looked like one of their siblings. I received my wish.. because well look at this..

This is #2 and #5. Don’t you think they look alike?

January 2022
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