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Lucky.. Napkin Rings

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SIA Silver Hand Hammer Napkin Rings.

The other day #1 says to me.. "Mom." (that's what she calls me) "We have a problem."

ME: "What did the dog do this time?"

#1: "I'm not talking about the dog."

ME:  "Then what are YOU talking about?"

#1: "You aren't going to be happy."

ME: "When am I happy?"

#1: **long sigh**

ME: "What's wrong?"

#1: "We sold some napkin rings."

ME: "How is that a problem?"

#1: "We don't have them."

ME: "However can this be my sweet muffin? We simply must have those napkin rings somewhere."  **what I really said was something like  WHAT? Are you flippin' kidding me? How did this happen again?"**

#1: "Why my dearest mother, I believe we sold them on Amazon and on eBay within a week apart, and we did not change the inventory numbers."  ** this is a lie.. she really said: "I have no idea." I just like the first comment better.


After spending what seems like 10 hours looking through everything we have.. we can not find these dumb napkin rings. I had purchased a bunch of these at a going out of business sale in Kansas City a few months ago. I told #1 to look one more time and if we couldn't find them we would apologize all over ourselves and send the woman her money back. 

I left her at home to look for the napkin rings, and I went to one of my favorite stores to look for eBay stuff. While at this closeout store guess what I found? The napkin rings! Cheaper than I had bought them the first time!.  Pretty lucky huh?

May 2021
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