Tuesday’s To Do..

Likes Pudding & Mustaches

Tuesday's To Do

  • Take #3.5 to school
  • Take #4 to speech
  • School the monkeys
  • write article
  • Adult Girl Scout leader meeting
  • Watch Shamu on my Chumby
  • Bank (for the Girl Scouts)
  • Pick up 3.5 @school
  • Dinner= steak soup, and drop biscuits
  • grade papers
  • upload plans into computer program
  • figure out where we are going on the confirmation class field trip
  • Call LVS to make sure all the paperwork is in
  • What about Friday?

Wednesday’s To Do…


Thursday's To Do..

  • Exercise
  • School the monkey's
  • Make lists for Thursday and the Monkeys..
  • Plan meals for September
  • grocery and Wal-mart list
  • follow up on under 30 Sunday School class
  • Get grades in grade book
  • Receipts together for church
  • car cleaned out
  • Finish School room
  • Finish up stuff with #1 on next weeks JAM
  • move furniture
  • vacuum the school room
  • Dinner= Potluck!  I'm bringing chicken or some kind of pumpkin something
  • Work on Youth Group Stuff
  • Get First day of school mobiles up
  • Get October's confirmation done.. ie.. find old confirmation book
  • find Missing Redbox

Tuesday’s To Do… Joplin Edition

Tuesday August 9th

7:30                 up, dress get ready

8:00                 Breakfast

8:30                 clean up

9:00                 Morning Devotions

9:30                 Work Sites

11:30               Head to New Creation for Lunch

12:00               Lunch

12:30               Pick up after lunch

1:00                 Work Site

3:30                 Showers & Free Time

5:00                 Help with Dinner

5:30                 Dinner

6:00                 Clean up

6:30-8:30         Youth Time, games, ice breakers, worship time

9:00                 End of the Day break down

9:30                 Ready for bed

10:00               Lights out.