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Spring… In Kansas

I'm not sure what these trees are called.. but they smell like fish.

Beautiful pinky-peach bush.

Antiques and a spring tree.


Up close view of the fish-y smelling flowers.

I love this building.  It use to be the US Post Office.. then the SRS building. 

It sits empty now.  I think they want $150K for it.  It's a pretty cool building.

And a Good Spring Day to You!

This morning I thought I would wake up and see this…

Maybe I should re-state that.  I thought it was going to be the first day of spring,

and if I drove to the back field I would see baby cows… Instead this is what I saw….

There’s about 6″ here so far… What is going on in the world? Why

is it snowing like this in KANSAS on the first day of spring?

Yesterday my iron basket was BEGGING to have flowers planted in it..

now look at it..  Full of snow.  I know my boyfriend, Gary Lezak

says it has something to do with el nino.. but really.. it’s suppose to be SPRING!

We looked out back and saw Mr. Bigglesworth inside the smoker.

Don’t feel bad for the cat.  He’s an inside cat (when he wants to be).

He’s hunting… You see what the photo doesn’t show is hanging from

the tree above him is a bird feeder.  I made a mouse only rule

for him, but like all species that lives in my home he’s disobedient.

I hope spring is more “Spring-Y” where you are!

Springs On the Way!

It’s been a cold snowy winter here in Kansas, but today it  was 54 degrees (#1 even went out and dug a new garden for me.. she’s cool like that).   I had a blog all planned out about Etsy stuff.. when I looked through a photo album titled “SPRING” and saw these photos I took last year.

These are my butterfly bushes, that I THINK I planted too close to the house.

I didn’t realize they would get SO large and in the next year they

might overtake the area they are in!.

When I bought them I purchased this fuchsia colored one..

and this dark purple one.  I was thinking about buying a few more

to put closer to the driveway.  I checked out eBay and they have 149

butterfly bushes up for sale.  Have you ever bought plants on eBay?

(send me a note or comment..I’d like to know your experience)

Now that I think about it.. it would be just like buying plants through

a mail order catalog..right?   Happy Spring!

May 2021
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