An Interview with a Monkey.. #4 Speaks His Mind

My 4th child is a pretty interesting kid.  He’s opinionated and bossy… (a trait I believe he got from his father.)  He also has a really optimistic view of the world, and is very helpful with a kind heart.

#4 sitting outside.. watching me take eBay pictures.

  • What’s your favorite thing to do?  Play video games
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?   I’ve told you this! A Chef.
  • Why do you want to be a chef?  Because I like to cook!
  • What’s your favorite food?  Pepperoni Pizza.
  • Are you night person or morning person.  Pretty much both. (This is true.. he’s the first one up in the morning, and the last one to go to bed at night)
  • I heard that you take dance lessons.  Why do you do that?  Because I like dance and pretty much tap is my favorite dance.
  • What’s your favorite TV Show?  Spongebob Squarepants
  • What would you like to learn how to do?  I would like to learn how to drive.
  • Do you have a girlfriend?  No. Should I have a girlfriend?
  • Why don’t you have a girlfriend? Why are you asking this?

  • Do you know why I am asking you these questions?  I don’t know maybe for your blog or something?
  • What’s your favorite song?   All Star

  • Where would you like to go on vacation?  I’ve always wanted to go to St Louis.
  • Most kids want to go to Disney World, why do you want to go to St Louis?  Because I heard about that arch there, and it’s like 500 feet tall or something.  Are you writing this all on your blog or something?
  • Would that bother you if I was writing it for my blog?  No, I guess not.
  • Do you have any nicknames?  Why do you need to give me any nicknames?  How about Bob or Uni-brow.
  • Why do you think I write my blog?  I don’t know.. maybe so people can see your recipes or something.
  • What’s something you want everyone to know about me?  You are a good cook.
  • What if everyone wants to come eat at our house then?  You can tell all those people they have to pay $2.00 for a meal.  No wait a second.. $50.00 for a meal.  That’s a good price right?
  • Thank you for letting me interview you. Sure.  Can I go play a game now?

Traveling Batman’s Last Hurrah!

This is the last installment of Traveling Batman takes on Saint Louis…

OWWW Batman.. that’s gotta hurt! But you do look good hanging out at Starbucks!

Tuesday Morning started pretty good for Traveling Batman… He had a

FREE well rounded breakfast from the ALMO Convention.

He signed autographs and posed next to the American Flag.

Batman really thinks I need this washer and dryer.

Here’s some photos of the convention floor..

It’s hard to see.. but this room had friges, stoves, microwaves and other appliances..

Mostly TV’s in this room

Batman wanted this…

He really wanted to take this massage chair home with him.

Batman and I spent most of our day here… working until The Man brought us lunch.

Traveling Batman takes on the St Louis Arch…

Batman is loving Saint Louis. He tooks us to Stir Crazy last night…

Mongolian Beef is his favorite.

He had issues with the chop sticks.

But maybe that was because he was drinking Sam Adams.

Batman slept off his stout beer, and got up this morning ready to take on Saint Louis.

Breakfast of champions.. banana and some yogurt!

I’m a little worried about the penguin.

Batman loves old bridges.. here he is in-front of The Eads Bridge!

He loves his coffee too…

The Saint Louis Arch

Getting ready to head into the “pod” that will take us up to the top.

Here we are in the pod.. heading up..

The pod seats 5 and is about 5ft across. Here is a couple from New Jersey that

found Batman charming.

630 Feet up.. Batman shows no fear!

Batman is pointing out his helipad.. from 630ft up.

Yes.. we know.. my last name is Eads.. and that’s the Eads bridge..

Batman can be so forgetful..

Day One of Adventures with Traveling Batman

The Man, Traveling Batman and I went on a trip to Saint Louis.. Here is our first day.

The Man & I leaving..

Hey.. those kids look TOO happy that their parents are leaving..

Um.. that’s not much better .. #1. You’ll be begging me to come back home in about

3hours. #2 is looking sad.. That #5 thinks his Spiderman webs will stop the car.

Ahhh.. on the road with Traveling Batman…

We reached Blue Springs, MO and had to eat something. Batman wanted Bueno Taco.

(He likes their fresh tomato salsa)

He loves a good guacamole too!

Time for a pit stop.. Traveling Batman liked these super clean bathrooms..

See his smile.. that’s a happy dude..

This photo is especially for #2. You see this would be #2’s perfect meal.

French Fries, Bacon and Ranch dressing.. Batman appears to be cheering for them also.

Batman likes to pump gas.

Look at that form! Superman doesn’t look that good flying in the air!

AAAH.. we arrived in our hotel room. Just like a Super Hero.. Batman (seen here with

one of the Penguin’s penguin) wanted to play a few Nintendo games.

Playing games made him tired.. time for a little nap.

AHHH.. relaxation..