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Saw and Bought at the Auction…

I spent a little time at Strickers Auction in Gardner Kansas last night.  Here's some of the stuff I saw…

Rows of what my friend Tammy and I call "real people" stuff.

Vintage leather dye?

Cool bed in the background.. nice toys in the foreground.

I really wanted these vintage clothes.  There were some really cool vintage wool coats in this bunch.  I didn't wait around to see these sell.

Outdoor furniture?

Dudes talking

See this vintage girls bedroom set? I've seen BUNCHES go through this auction over the years, and not sell for $50.00.  Last night, this bad boy sold for over $200.00

I wanted this chair.. but The Man doesn't think I need it.

OOOH I wanted these things too. (I didn't get them)

Saddle anyone?

I *did* get some of these cowboy boots

Nothing I want here.. but those big pots..

I wanted this thing…

Wanted these cute little pigs.

Hello.. Little Suzy Homemaker?

Jim Shore.. (didn't get it ๐Ÿ™ )


Jogging Stroller

Moon & Stars and USN silverware

Nuts anyone?

Frankoma and some dishes.

Here's what I got..

and the stroller.. I think the cat believes I'm going push him around… I'm not. I'll be pushing this kid around.



While At the Auction… I saw and bought…

Last night I hung out at Strickers Auction…  here's what I saw…

moon and stars cookie jar

Moon and Stars Jardinaire…sold for 35.00 with the bowl underneath.

Old games.. and doll furniture

Funny picture.. men checking out rhinestone jewelry.  ** a little note.  I can't EVER buy rhinestone jewelry here because it goes pretty high.

strickers auction

Some of the junk.. and the crowd

Ron Stricker, Cobalt blue glassware, auctions, gardner, Kansas

Ron selling a lot of cobalt blue glassware.

cherry mash, toliet seat, rare things, bathroom items

Here's something you don't see everyday… A Cherry Mash toilet seat.  I have no idea how this faded…(I'm not sure I want to know either)  but I bet it would have been a pretty good seller on eBay.

Inside the auction…

fancy vintage fan, fan, beautiful victorian

OoooF I love this fan.  (I didn't buy it.)

star wars figures in case

I wanted this.. I was inside when it sold.. and forgot to tell #2 to bid on it.

needlepoint, orange vintage cake plate

I love needlepoint.. this was a crate full of it.. and that orange metal lunch pan is pretty awesome too.  I won this crate.. along with all of this:

I'm not even sure what all this stuff is… but it's mine now.

old film canister

Need movies?

cool, old skinny door, with great hardware

Cool old door.  Check out that hardware!

vintage plane mobile

#2 wanted this.

refridgerator, stainless steel, at the auction

They had these 2 new stainless steel fridges.  The Man came to the auction just to bid on these.  They went WAY to high.. almost retail for them. ๐Ÿ™

a bunch of head vases, head vase, old ladies head vases

Cute little ladies..

a christmas story, major award

It's a Major Award! (what movie is that from?)

Four Shabby Chic white crackle-y chairs..

I wanted this.. It's such a cool hand made sink…

Here's what I bought

Auction Buys…

More loot..

Hello shabby new dining room chairs… some of you might be counting only 4 chairs and realize there are 8 in my family.  You would be right.. BUT I like to mix my furniture up a bit.. and these will do that nicely ๐Ÿ™‚

Silverware.. stoneware bowl.. and some spray paint for all that tagging I like to do!

(just kidding on the tagging…)


Seen and Not Bought… Kinda

I've been a slacker.. I've been to auctions, taken pictures… but I haven't shared them.  Here's a few photos from last Monday's auction.

Where's Mr. Fitzhugh when you need him?

I've always wanted one of these.. to either put the degu or hermit crabs in.

Check out what someone did to a filing cabinet.. they made it shabby chic!

I loved this cute sewing box.

Table full of dishes and glassware…

Ugly Pig

Musical Instruments

This is the box I really wanted.. but was too lazy to stick around for it.

I did get some of this… Thanks to #2.. but we'll save that discussion for another blog.

Auction Finds.. 8-17-2010 Edition..

strickers auction, ron stricker, gardner kansas

Monday I went to Strickers Auction in Gardner, Ks.ย  They had lots

of great stuff there.

beaded purses, vintage items

They had lots of “ladies junk” there.ย  You know beaded purses..

Jewelry andย  stuff like that.ย  See that green arrow.. pointing to the

green felt with jewelry on it?ย  That sold for $220.00.

That big glass case along with the 2 tables behind it.. were FULL

of rhinestone jewelery.

I think this cabinet came straight from Rob and Laura’s house..

you know The Dick Van Dyke Show?ย  OOOH ROBBB!

I wanted that bucket.. SO BAD.. not to sell. Just for me ๐Ÿ™‚

I didn’t get it :\ย  I wasn’t willing to pay 12.00 for it.. I

know.. I know.. I’m cheap right?

Just in case you were wondering what’s on that sign…

Here’s what my friend Ron bought.. Not the book.. just the purses.

He bought some other stuff too… I never know why he brings a

book when he sits next to me.. You know I talk to him until

his ears fall off :).

Here’s my haul… please excuse the dirty car..

I just might keep that pine cone pitcher.

Not a bad haul huh?

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