Saturday I went to a auction at the Eastern Kansas Auction Barn. They had lots of great stuff there. Unfortunately they had lots of people willing to pay LOTS of money for it. I really liked these lamps.

Depression Glass…

This blue set sold for $650.00

Round Oak Stove..

See that lampshade? It was attached to a pretty cool lamp. I think it sold for

about $200.00

Germany Glasses… and decanter

I REALLY REALLY wanted this Smiley Pig cookie jar. I was the high bidder.. until someone else said they were the high bidder. It went for $50.00. Which is more than I wanted to pay for a cookie jar for myself.

Rogers 1881 Silver…

Hull Pottery. They sold this by the piece. It averaged about 40-65 a piece.

Miscellaneous Stuff.


I had to leave early to take the Youth Group to a concert… but this was probably one of the best auctions** I've been to in a while..

**when it comes to "stuff" not price.

First Auction of the Year….

I went to my first auction of the year today. I haven’t been to an auction is quite awhile.  It was a nice day, super cloudy and about 72 degrees.  I headed up the the new “Eastern Kansas Auction”.  I say new.. because it used to be not far from my house, and they stopped having auctions for a while.. now they’ve moved to a new location up on the hill in Ottawa.

No Truck Stop up here.. just this cool old sign.

These beautiful flowers were sitting in the office at the new auction barn. Don’t you love the silver basket vase?

What would an auction be without old men talking?

I didn’t know it when I took the photo.. (because I was pretty sure I was leaving before I bought anything) but see that green circle thing?  It’s a Fiesta cup holder.. it’s mine 🙂 now.

How cute is this little girl with her dog?

How about some tools, a boat or a lawn mower?

My loot

Some super cute pink Christmas Ornaments (for me)

I bought two stained glass windows that came from a George Washburn (designed) House in Ottawa, some Mary cherry dishes.

Cute little painted box (for me) the Fiesta cup holder and a blue and white rug that was in with some stuff.

When  I come home my kids run out to see what I got.. and to see if they just might have snagged something too. Here’s child #5 looking over the backseat at my junk.  This is the “do you have anything for me mom” face?

WHAT? You didn’t get me anything? He’s an animated little booger isn’t he?

You did? Where is it?

I don’t see it.

I see it!