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The Bain of My Existence.. or at least Online Existence

Sometimes I believe this thing is the bain of my existence. It's a Hughesnet modem. If you don't know what a Hughes modem is.. you must live in a place with DSL or cable Internet service.. otherwise known as CIVILIZATION!

Because I live in the middle of NO WHERE.. our Internet service options are Dial up, Satellite (Hughes Net or Starband) or ZIPPO.. you know..nadda.. nothing.

After several hours on the phone with Hughes Net tech support we figured out our lovely modem died on us last night.

***Breaking News***

As I was writing this blog from the comfort of Panara Bread I just learned that the modem in fact DID NOT die, but Hughes Net is no longer broadcasting to our modem model. You'd think Tech Support would know that right?

Thursday’s To Do list…

Hawthorne School, Ottawa Kansas

This is our “new” church building.  Everyone in our congregation has been

working on this in some way.  Today it’s being inspected at 2:00 pm.. if you are

so inclined, say a little prayer that we receive our temporary occupancy.

We are hosting VBS at that building on Sunday 🙂

Thursday’s TO DO List

1. List eBay stuff.

2. Clean the house…. (it’s a mess)

3. Dinner= Mongolian beef with shrimp pot stickers

4.  make the children do their lists

Thursday’s To Do List

don't touch, don't touch this sign

If you knew what happened to me in the last couple of days.. you would

know why this photo is on my blog.. If you don’t know all that, I hope

you find the photo funny:)

Thursday’s To Do List

1. Write up a few  eBay auctions.

2. Figure out what we are going to do about dance this coming school year.

3. Dinner= some kind of casserole.. because the man and #2 will be working at the church

4. Meet the delivery driver at the church.. he’s going to pick up the exer-cycle we sold on eBay..

5. Pick Up #3 prize at the Library

6. Clean.. Clean .. Clean…

7. Don’t forget to breathe.. I didn’t get much done because of this..

June 2021
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