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Thanksgiving Re-Cap in Pictures..

We are so blessed… Here's our Thanksgiving Week in pictures.

(from left to right) My mom, #1, #2, #3, #3.5, my brother's son, sisters #2, #4, #5, sisters #3, sisters #4, sisters #5, #6, Sisters #6 and sisters #1

Wednesday we spent the afternoon with my mom, brother and sister and their families to eat at Cinzetti's.  My little brother has 1 son and my little sister has 5 girls and 1 boy.

Cute huh?  See those 2 little ones.. they kind of look alike.

I don't think my sister and I look alike.. but our 2 youngest do!

california poppy, needlepoint, seed packet, vintage, finished needlepoint

I FINALLY finished a needlepoint project that I think I've been working on my entire life..

Croissant Dough…

What's Thanksgiving without The Man cleaning off the top of the fridge?

Working on the stuffing.

The turkey going in… and well .. a photo bomb

#3 working on the sweet potato topping.

I think she's making a pie..

This is what I saw a lot of while I was cooking.. This kid fussing at me to pick him up.

Chatting with grandma (The Man's mother).

Dinner.. DONE!

target black friday

Here's #1, P*Tricky and #2 in front of Target.. We are going shopping.

The police cars make my children happy.

Dear husband of mine.. I want this stuff for Christmas.

Here's #2.. trying to clean the windshield.

Snacks… apples and caramel

#1 likes cats.. black one's in particular.

Did you know if you go to the mall.. they have 1/2 dress people in front of certain stores? I was semi-horrified by this.. and then #2 insisted on having his photo taken with these people, which made #1 and I laugh.. hard.

They do..and #2 thought it would be funny to get his picture with them.

#2 walked up to this guy and said.. "I eat 10 Hostess Cupcakes a day to get this body."

Perkins, breakfast, edward cullan

We went to breakfast and Edward Cullan was our waiter.. and this guy was FUNNY!

That was my Thanksgiving Week in pictures!  I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving too!

High Selling THANKSGIVING on eBay

Thanksgivng, chanel, japan, snow globe

Chanel 2012 Snow Globe Dome Gift Thanksgiving After Bag Japan SOLD $850.00 by eBay Seller dream_peace_jpn  Check it out HERE 


 vintage napkins, thanksgiving, expensive napkins

24 Giant French Linen Napkins 1850 Thanksgiving Poppies Spikes Initials 34×28 SOLD 750.00 by eBay Seller seltmeister  Check it out HERE

 Hermes Thanksgiving scarf, mint green, texas scarf

Hermes Silk Scarf Texas Wildlife Commemorative Issue Thanksgiving Scarf  SOLD 650.00 by eBay Seller nestegg46  Check it out HERE 

Johnson brothers, thanksgiving, turkey plate

Vintage Johnson Brothers Thanksgiving Barnyard King Turkey 12 Dinner Plates SOLD $565.00 by eBay Seller tommysdad Check it out HERE 

 simpich, thankgiving, character doll

Simpich Character Dolls Thanksgiving Pilgrims and Indian Boy SOLD $527.00 by eBay Seller bfready  Check it out HERE 

It’s Not Just Something You Eat.. It also Sells on eBay! Turkeys

This is a rare print, because this bad boy is selling for $1000 to $2000.00

Audubon Wild Turkey Birds of America Amsterdam Edition Folio SOLD $2660.00 by eBay Seller antiqueprint  Check it out HERE 


Here turkey.. turkey..

Neil D. (Gobbler) Cost Custom Match TURKEY Call Hand Signed SOLD $1650.00 by eBay Seller william9942 Check it out HERE 


Hey baby.. check out dinner.

Antique Bronze Sculpture Lady Baby & Large Turkey SOLD $1350.00 by eBay Seller beverlyhillsantiques Check it out HERE 


That's an expensive turkey platter!

Gorgeous Flow Blue Turkey Platter Ridgways 23” Circa 1900 SOLD $1075.00 by eBay Seller Collector1233727 Check it out HERE 


This is a little creepy!

Ocellated Turkey Taxidermy Bird SOLD $900.00  by eBay Seller niederer2006 Check it out HERE 

Turkey.. on Thanksgiving

Hope this brings a smile to your face.. like it does mine. 🙂

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