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What’s the Story Morning Glory?

morning glory, flowers, trumpet blooms

Morning Glory flower with the sun shining through it.

A few years ago the man bought me this gazebo thing.  It took us 2 years to figure out where to put it and a year to figure out what to plant on it.

I’m not sure if you notice something wrong here…

#1 thought morning glories would be a great thing to plant on the gazebo. In March we bought seeds, planted them in the house and let them grow.  In the spring we planted them outside and only one side took off..

They still look beautiful to me.. maybe next year we can get

all three sides to grow and look fabulous!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! I received my presents on Saturday… 🙂

Here’s my family.. ready to give me my Mother’s Day presents.

**the arrow is pointing to the police scanner that never leaves

#2’s  body.  He’s my favorite nerd…

#5 with my azalea bush.  Every azalea bush I’ve ever

tried to grow has died.. Hopefully this year.. we will

get this one to grow big..

perfect scents, escents, lotion, overland park, hawthorne plaza

I received some Euphoria lotion and some Pantene Smooth

Straight Conditioner in the convenient “Costco” size.  We

have this little problem in our home where my daughters

take my conditioner out of my shower.. and when I get in my

shower it’s gone.. So they thought it would be cute to get me a

big bottle of it.

Here’s #4 with a new foxglove plant.  Isn’t it pretty?

What’s up with #2’s face?  I promise #2 I love your

present just as much 🙂

April 2021
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