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Tuesday’s To Do..

wpid-wp-1441685329391.jpegBoys.. doing school…

Tuesday’s To DO..

  • School
  • work on eBay junk
  • write article
  • make list for Wednesday’s WOW stuff
  • Dinner= meatloaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli, gravy
  • Pick up my messy house
  • Confirmation

Tuesday’s To Do..

Photo of what my day was like yesterday…. here's a hint.. I'm the fish in front that was just hooked on a fisherman's line.. and the Great White behind me is my basement…

Tuesday's To Do…

  • Write article
  • school the monkey's.. and I'm not talking about the one's from the 1960's.
  • clean the house
  • building move in meeting
  • Work on Mission Trip
  • Work once again in the basement
  • Work on a few eBay things/inventory
  • Dinner= brisket, baked potatoes peas and rolls (this is what I was going to have Monday but didn't because of the Great White shark that ate me and ruined my day…)
  • Make Dentist appt

Tuesdays To Do’s..

Interesting photo right?

Tuesday’s To Do List…

1.  Send in article

2.  Work on eBay stuff

3. Take #1 to TWO doctor’s appointments

4. Change where eBay photos are hosted

5. Make #2 clean out my car.

6. Maybe… just Maybe.. watch LOST Season 3 disk 4.

7. Dinner= at this point I have no idea. Leftovers..

Today is Tuesday You Know What that Means?

Good Gravy I wish this kid was still this age…

Tuesday’s To Do List 5-25-2010

1.  Write up a few things.

2. Firm up plans for Youth Sunday and make the PowerPoint.

3. Do something with my hair.

4. Send email about Church auction.

5. Write article.

6. Work on Church eBay Stuff.

7.  Dinner= Grilled Sandwiches, chips, Marshmallow Peanut butter crunch

8. Lunch with a friend 🙂

9. Make WordPress Template for eBay Customer

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