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Union’s and Postal Workers OR That Time I Chased My USPS Mail Carrier Down


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This morning started out just like any normal day.  We had packages to send out, messages to respond to, you know the usual stuff.  Our rural route mail person was out today so our sub was filling in.  I send #3.5 out to give him our packages.  She came back in with an empty tub and said… “He couldn’t scan them because he wasn’t covered.”

Wasn’t covered? What does that mean?

Everyone knows how important it is to a online seller to have your packages scanned.  I called the substitute mail carrier and he didn’t answer.  I text him.. and he didn’t respond.  What else to do.. but to try and find him.


I drove down a lot of these roads…..


I live in a rural area, if that “rural route carrier” thing didn’t give it away.  I drove around for 30 minutes or so, and finally found him.  Flagged him down and got my packages.  Where he gave me the following excuses for NOT scanning my packages:

  • “I’m not in the same union as everyone else.”
  • “Tammy told me to do it this way.”
  • “I’m not covered.”
  • “Something could happen to me along the way.”
  • “Your packages need coverage that I don’t have.”
  • “The union does not allow me to scan packages”
  • “My phone fell off my visor onto the street and broke.”
  • “I’m sure they would have been scanned when they get to their destination.”
  • “Tammy told me NOT to do it this way”


I listened to his excuses, and found the nearest paved road to drive into town to have my packages scanned.


About 18 miles and 1 hour after the start of my adventure I arrived at the post office to have the packages scanned.


It should not be this hard to mail stuff.

Dear eBay Queen: The Post Office is Really Messing up my Business!

Dear eBay Queen,

I’ve been having some issues with the United States Post Office, well, maybe it’s not the WHOLE United States Post Office, it might just be my local one. I take my packages into the local office almost every day. Sometimes I have 2 packages and sometimes I have 15 packages.  I wait in line, hand over my packages and they are scanned in by the person behind the counter. I smile, thank them and leave.  Yesterday I was in there and the new person at the counter.  She really upset me.  I handed over my packages and she weighed each one, DID NOT SCAN them and gave one back to me because it was 1/8 of an ounce off.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I asked her if that 1/8 of an ounce was going to change the price and she said: “Why else would I be giving it back to you?”  I then asked her if she was going to scan the packages as accepted.  She told me no, and then said “NEXT”. 

By the time I got home, I was shaking. This makes me so angry.  Why would she not scan them? I decided to call the post office and I asked to speak to the post master.  The person that I spoke with told me that she was not the post master, but the supervisor in charge, AND she was the person that helped me. I could hear her gloating through the phone!  I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said; “It will not help.”  I hung up the phone, and cried. I have no idea what to do.  After I composed myself I called my neighbor, she told me to call the next town over’s post office.  I called and asked them what the policy was on scanning packages that already had postage on them.  They told me they were supposed to scan them right there at the counter, she then told me something that made my heart stop.

  • If I put first class light envelopes with tracking into the mailbox out front or the drive up out back, they do not get scanned at my post office.  They may be scanned at the sort facility.
  •  USPS first class shipping standards changed as of 1/1/15 and it is now 7-10 business days to deliver! All of my hand made goodies are sent first class!

What if my packages don’t get sent?  What if they are sent, but NEVER scanned?  What if this mean woman just let’s my packages sit for awhile to teach me a lesson?



Dear CCT:

Do we have the same post office, because I’ve had similar experiences with my own local office. When I have an issue like yours, and I have on several occasions, I simply call the USPS consumer complaint line 1-800-275-8777. If I feel there is employee misconduct, I contact the USPS Inspector General’s hot line, M-F 11:00am – 3:00pm EST 1-888-877-7644. Make sure that you ask them what the postal standards are for accepting packages over the counter and scanning.  I have had the same issues with my own post office weighing each package

I have heard the same thing about the shipping standards for first class mail going from 1-3 days to 7-10 days. There is a lot of talk about it on the USPS union site.  When I look at the USPS own website for their standards of service for first class mail it states 1-3 days deliver time still. I’m not going to borrow trouble until they change the standards on their own website.


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Why the United States Post Office SHOULD NOT Be Part of the eBay Defect Rate

You may know that eBay is currently judging sellers on how quickly the post office handles the package.  If the item I sent is not handled correctly, I may get a defect.  Too many defects, and I can not sell on eBay.  Here is an excellent example of why eBay sellers should not be judged on how well the shipping carrier handles the item.

ponottrusted3This may seem normal to you if you do not know Kansas very well.  Below is a map of where this item went… Do you see how this item was "out for delivery" in Oskaloosa, KS?  Oskaloosa is not even the NEXT zip code over, it's 70 miles away from my post office.



This map shows how it went from Morristown, TN to Knoxville, TN then to Kansas City KANSAS, to Oskaloosa, Kansas then sent to Kansas City MISSOURI then to Rantoul, Kansas. 

This isn't even the best example.  I have packages that show items going to California and they were sent to Florida.  This is just one of the reasons eBay needs to re-think their defect ratings.

June 2020
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