An Update or Something…

You know when you have so much going on in your life and your brain feels like shutting down?  That’s been me for the last 3 weeks.


I went on a mission trip with my church the first week in June to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.  This is our 3rd time going there, and it was a success.  We do a week long VBS and feed the kids snack and lunch.  Normally we have 40 to 60 kids.  This year we had 80 to 115 kids.


When we went to Pine Ridge several years ago.. this kid Aaron touched my heart.  He was too young to participate in VBS, so I let him hang out with me in the kitchen.  He was AMAZED at all the fruit I had there… and asked for an orange.  I gave him one, and he didn’t know to take the peel off, because he had never eaten an orange before!  This year I made sure he had some more oranges..

The plan was to drive home from South Dakota.. relax a little, then get all my stuff ready for VBS crafts the next week.  BUT…

wpid-20150610_122326-1.jpgMe, my dad and my sister in Colorado

While on the Mission Trip I found out my dad has small cell lung cancer.  As soon as I got home from South Dakota, we turned and left for Georgia.  You hear about cancer in the news, people ask you to pray for others that have cancer.. but when it’s a close family member, it makes your brain race and shut down at the same time.

I’m pretty sure that my dad is going to kick cancer’s butt.  If you are the praying type, please say a prayer for him.


My brother and I (along with a few of my children) drove down to Georgia to see my dad.   We had a great visit with Dad, Debra and our sister Kathy.


visited the Georgia Aquarium

wpid-wp-1434557143110.jpegAnd headed back home.. so we could do our part at VBS


VBS Sign + Box Cutter = Emergency Room Visit

WAY Back.. at the beginning of June #3 cut her hand.  SO bad… that we had to make a little trip to the emergency room.


fingercut10#3 and her man candy… waiting to be seen.

fingercut3Soaking her hand.


#3 is part of the VBS decorating team at our church, and while she was making a sign she sliced her hand open with a box cutter.


It was a pretty deep cut.. you might notice the popsicle wrapper at the top of the photo.  We were there so long waiting for the Dr to give her two stitches that they fed us! 😉


fingercut6Here's the box cutter that did the damage.


#3 wouldn't let me take pictures of her stitches.. so here's a picture of her hand wrapped up.

**I really wanted those chairs that I saw in Home Goods… but the man said ewww.

Something that Sells on eBay: Craft Supplies

I've been working on Vacation Bible School crafts all week.  Which made me wonder what kind of craft supplies sold well on's some that blew my mind 🙂


Beautiful Pacific Coast Birds Eye Myrtle Wood Round Slab HUGE  5’9”  SOLD 500.00 by eBay Seller kathleenskreations2010  Check it out HERE


Rare Parrot Tail feathers Macaw Peyote Fan Horned guan Powwow Native SOLD 500.00 by eBay Seller Elliot_monkey  Check it out HERE 


Huge Lot Grosgran Ribbon Hair bows Crafts SOLD $425.00 by eBay Seller little-monkeys-clothes  Check it out HERE 


21 Scarlet Macaw Tail Feathers SOLD $380.00 by eBay Seller fourmacaws  Check it out HERE


Mega Lot of Shells SOLD $321.00 by eBay Seller nemofrank Check it out HERE 


30lbs Pressed printed Wine Corks No Champagne Great Price Approx 3000 SOLD $225.90 by eBay Seller pqb_partners Check it out HERE

A Messy Messy Night

paper mache, gross hands, flour water hands

This picture doesn't really do the messiness of our hands justice.

For the last several years I've been responsible for the VBS crafts at our church.  Last night was the first night of Vacation Bible School and my toadie #1 and I were covered in flour and water.  We are making paper mache flicker nightlights..

It took several washing to get all the flour and water glue off my hands.  I'm not sure my wedding ring will ever be the same. 😉


Here's what they looked like last night.  I think we made around 70 of these.

The kids made them.. then #1 and I went back over them to make sure they were fully covered.  When they are dry we will poke holes in them, add decoration and a light..