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A Vintage Hat For You, A Vintage Hat for the Airlines

While I was at an estate sale a few weeks ago, I found a bunch of vintage hat.  While doing some research I came across some pretty interesting hats.

pucci, branniff, rain hat, vintage hats, pucci scarf

Whoa.. Whoa.. First, how crazy awesome is this?  Second, if you found this at an auction would you know what it is? (me neither)  Third, can you imagine wearing this?

Vintage Braniff Airlines Emilio Pucci Space Bubble Helmet Rain Dome Uniform Hat SOLD 1650.77 by eBay Seller Old_old_old  Check it out HERE


This is from Pan Am (not the TV show but the airline) I wonder if the TV show helped push this price up?

Vintage Pan Am Captain’s Hat SOLD 810.00 by eBay Seller rssquared2010 Check it out HERE 

 vintage wedding hat, veil, feather

I love the model, and the hat's pretty cool too!

Vintage Art Deco Rhinestone silver Lame’ Lace Feather Flapper Cap Headdress Hat SOLD $511.77 by eBay Seller 1860-1960  Check it out HERE 


I never knew that old Airline Pilot hats sold so well!

Vintage Delta Air Line Pilot Hat & Badge 3rd Issue SOLD $510.00 by eBay Seller M1890 Check it out HERE 

 vintage, olympics, ski, hat, oslo 1952

Vintage 1952 Oslo Norway Olympics Winter Games Ski Hat SOLD $500.00 by eBay Seller themodelproject  Check it out HERE

Someone is Going to Need Therapy

I have several issues, which I will blame on… well… let's not point any fingers. ANY WAY.. I like vintage clothing.. and I like babies… to mix the two is bliss.

You may or may not know that this hat is on upside down.

You should also know the photo is slightly blurry because I

could not stop laughing.

I think he looks like a somewhat feminine knight…

You think this is funny too, right?

I don't think he does… We are putting money away for counseling .

June 2021
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