Crazy eBay Item of the Day.. Hawaiian Appliqued Quilt


If you don't know much about quilts… Let me tell you, this one is fabulous!  I really love the color, and thought it didn't sell for enough money!


Sub-Title: A cherished heirloom from a Ewa Hawaiian Family!

Seller: maunakeagalleries

Description: We have saved the best for last! We are ending the year with some of the greatest and most unique antiques Mauna Kea Galleries has had to offer this year. Make sure to view all 14 of our special holiday listings!

We are selling this incredible Hawaiian Quilt, an heirloom fresh from an Ewa Hawaii Estate! This quilt appears to be a Butterfly Ginger & Lei pattern. This remarkable quilt is of the highest quality and has an green as its predominant color. We have not had a quilt of this magnitude offered – it is absolutely magnificent.

This quilt is HUGE, the largest we've ever sold, measuring 120" x 120" inches. It is also proudly shows off the intense stitch work, it is mind boggling the amount of the work put into this piece. This huge amount of work must have literally taken YEARS to finish. The reverse side is white. In amazing condition, it just has a few small spots only mentioned for the sake of accuracy (and easily removed) that can be seen clearly on the reverse side. A true Hawaiian cherished heirloom requiring hundreds of hours to complete!

SOLD: $1425.00

hawaiiquilt2Look at all that stitching!

Link: Check it out  HERE


A look at the Past: Redwork Embroidered Quilt Top

When I first started selling on eBay I wanted to sell vintage quilts.

I love quilts.. especially older ones.  I like to think about all the history

behind each one of these creations.  (don’t you love the Legos behind the

quilt holders feet?)

Sometimes I wonder if the maker of this thought her redwork quilt would be sold

on the internet?  Liked she would even know what the internet was when this was made!

I bought this quilt top from a local estate auction for not much money.

I wasn’t sure I would actually sell it.  I love the red hand embroidery and all

the hand stitching.. but after I hadn’t done anything with it for a year or so..

I decided to sell it.  It sold for a little over 150.00.  If you want to sell a

quilt and are not sure of the pattern or the age of the quilt, email me!

I love to look at quilts, and know just enough about them to be dangerous!