It’s Breaking Dawn… on Etsy

You may have heard about that little movie that came out today.. Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1… Here's a few Twilight inspired Etsy designs.

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Beautiful Wedding Bouquets

Breaking Dawn Inspired Wedding Bouquet Flower Package Red White & Black  Price $750.00 by Etsy Seller MakeBelieveN  Check it out HERE

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Twilight Custom Boots  $300.00 by Etsy Seller Sundari Check it out HERE 

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Twilight Stained Glass Panel $250.00 by Etsy Seller GeekyGlass  Check it out HERE 

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The Twilight Saga Pillows $111.00 by Etsy Seller lapinedesing  Check it out HERE 

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Handmade Bella’s Hair Comb $80.00 by Etsy Seller CustomWoodCrafting Check it out HERE

That Ain’t No Lady.. That’s My Wife..

ticket to the gun show, the man

15 years ago today.. this guy I made the best decision of his my life..

He married me. 

Some of you might be wondering how we had those 2 children so fast after the wedding.  I'll stick with what I said HERE.  (God works in mysterious ways.)

If you know the Man.. you would know he can fix anything that plugs in.  He's pretty funny too.  Oh.. and he's a good great dad!

If he's snuggling with #3

Or trying to get a kid to ride a bike.

Or maybe acting like a kid on the trampoline.

Who knew all this..

would come from this?

Thanks for Marrying Me!  I love you like a fat kid loves cake!

Weddings and Anniversaries Bring a Tear to My Eye..


Today the Man and I have been married 13 years. It seems like a long time, and like no time at all has passed. Weird how that all works. We were married in Rantoul, Kansas at the Presbyterian Church. We invited lots of people, but didn't really think anyone would come… as it turned out, everyone wanted to see if we were actually going to do it!

Here we are.. #1, me, #2 and The Man.

I know.. I know.. your thinking.. how could she have those 2 children so

fast after the wedding.. and all I can say to you is, God works in mysterious ways.

Here's the Man and the minster (John Raske) that married us.

I believe he's showing him how I am going to "love, honor and obey." Or is it eBay?

I'm not sure why this is so blurry.. but here's the kiss. As I remember it,

it was a good one! My dress had the most FABULOUS train.. Our wedding started at

6:00pm, and my dress was suppose to be delivered by 2:30. It didn't get there until

5:52pm. I never saw myself in it that day. Weird huh?

In case you needed proof I am short. I had on 4" heels in this picture!

Not a bad looking group…

My friend since forever… We are still

super close.. My life would not be the same without her.

We had a sit down dinner for 200 people.. and this is the only photo I have of the food.

I believe we had brisket, chicken (of some kind) mashed potatoes, green beans, shrimp..

and the best garlic biscuit things.

Oh.. and cake.. The cake was so good.. See those LARGE flower things in front?

I had 40 or so cupcakes made for the kids that were coming to the wedding..


#1 and The Man dancing at our wedding.. how sweet is that?

We were standing outside as the sun was setting.. That poor man.. I bet if someone told him he was going to have 3 more children

after this photo he would have thought they were nuts. I'm pretty sure I would have too.

Look! there's his hand before the ring started choking him!